Kalikow to step down from presidency at USM and begin working at system-level

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President Thedora Kalikow at a campus-wide meeting in March where where discussed the urban metropolitan university vision which is to be implemented at USM. Today it was announced that she will be stepping down from her presidency to take a role at the system-level.

Theodora Kalikow will be stepping down from her presidency at USM in ten days, according to a press release sent by Dan Demerit, the director of public affairs for the University of Maine System. Kalikow will work throughout the remainder of her existing employment contract as an acting vice chancellor at the system-level and will be undertaking […]

President Kalikow announces final balanced FY15 budget, last $2.5 million in cuts

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President Thedora Kalikow in Hannaford Hall during a public meeting in March.

President Theodora Kalikow announced the final round of cuts needed to balance the budget for fiscal year 2015 on Friday and opened up discussion for future cuts for fiscal year 2016 and beyond. In an email to USM staff, Kalikow said the $14 million gap between expenses and revenues for FY15 has been closed and […]

Student honors fallen marine

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Brandon Sodergren crosses the finish line at the Army Marathon in 2013.

Brandon Sodergren is a senior criminology major, member of the wrestling team and a student senator. Before attending USM, Sodergren served in the Marines for six years beginning in 2006, including two tours–one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan–as an infantry machine gunner. Now he spends his free time running marathons and fundraising in honor […]

Student senate works through budget crisis

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Various student groups that receive funding from the student activity fee via the Student Senate met to discuss ways they could reduce their budgets at last Wednesday during the emergency meeting of the Student Senate.

Due to low enrollment this year, the amount of student activity fee funds expected to be dispersed this spring will be much less than expected, and in the past week, the Student Government Association has had to revise its budget and cut the budgets of its entities to adjust. In the past, the student activity […]

You are wrong: That’s March better than February

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I’m Thaddeus Moriarty, and you are wrong. Why? Because you think that March is good for anything at all. After a long winter’s passing, full of holidays and holy days, and then the busy beginning of classes and the headfirst slide into the first break of the semester, March is about as dull as a […]

National Album Review: “The Age of Reason” by Gramatik

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The Age of Reason defies standards in electronic music albums featuring 15 dynamic tracks that are rich in innovation and variety. The Slovenian born DJ Gramatik, whose real name is Denis Jasarevic, has been busy creating his own record label Lowtemp and crafting this gem of an album that’s been released after much anticipation. The […]

USM bids spring students welcome

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To kick off the spring semester, several students donned bright blue and yellow scarves to signal to new students that they were welcome ambassadors for USM. These 50 volunteers, primarily from the Board of Student Organizations and Student Senate, wore the scarves as an indicator that they were available to answer questions about the school. […]

USM’s 14th Annual Royal Majesty Drag Show And Competition Photos

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University and faculty union near agreement

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An agreement on faculty union contracts may be closer than it has been in two and a half years after a tentative agreement was reached in November. The proposed contract covers a four year span, including the past two and a half years and a year and half into the future. “I feel like we’re […]

Top 12 Portland Twitter Accounts That Matter

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There are many ways to use Twitter. Some use it to catch up with friends, while others follow news and events, and unfortunately, there are also some that just post follow trains and hashtags. If you’re looking to avoid users that just flood your feed with Justin Bieber quotes and emoticons, here’s a list of […]