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Extraordinary professors receive emeritus status

Posted on November 18, 2018 by USM Free Press in Uncategorized

By: Valerie Kazarian, Staff Writer USM recognizes extraordinary contributions of its employees, usually upon retirement, through awarding the status of emeritus. At least fifteen years of service, contributions to a field of study, commitment to the university and to teaching and the respects of students and faculty are among the criteria considered as the university reviews […]

Theater Review: Portland Stage’s Refuge Malja

Posted on November 08, 2018 by USM Free Press in Arts & Culture, Uncategorized

From left to right: Brook Parks as Jamie, a Jewish-American photojournalist covering the ongoing Syrian Refugee Crisis, and Armo Salama as Ibrahim, an Arabic journalist.

By Jacob Forbes, Staff Writer Portland Stage is premiering a topical work this fall with Refuge Malja. The play was written by Bess Welden, a Maine-based playwright who collaborated with Ali Al-Mshakheel in translating portions of the play into Arabic. It centers around Jamie, played by Brooke Parks, a Jewish-American photojournalist covering the still-ongoing Syrian […]

MovieTalk: Fairy Tales, The Brothers Grimm and Modern Horror

Posted on October 21, 2018 by USM Free Press in Uncategorized

By: Cody Curtis, Staff Writer  Since the beginning of October I have written about specific films in the horror genre. Before we press forward next week with another terrifying movie, it only seems right to discuss the genre of all evil things, and more specifically why these films are modern day versions of what Jacob […]

Community engagement through comedy at USM

Posted on January 28, 2018 by USM Free Press in Community, Uncategorized

Azalea Buch, Staff Writer In order to welcome both new and previous students commencing into the second semester here at USM, the Student Activities Board presented a Live Comedy night by hosting renowned comedian Hailey Boyle as a part of the “Weeks of Welcome” student activities. The show took place on January 25th, in Lower […]

A short-lived government shutdown halts progress

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Maverick Lynes, Staff Writer The streets of Washington D.C. were quiet the morning of Saturday, Jan. 20 as the U.S. government entered it’s first shutdown in five years. This shutdown was minuscule lasting only three days, from Jan. 20 to Jan. 22, compared to the most recent government shutdown, which lasted for 17 days in […]

This Week at Winchester: Stranded in Dublin

Posted on October 24, 2017 by USM Free Press in Perspectives, Uncategorized

Julie Pike On Monday October 16, 2017, one of the worst hurricanes that Ireland has ever seen swept across the country. Hurricane Ophelia caused major property damage, thousands of people lost power, and it took the lives of three people. The worst of the weather was seen in the southwest side of the country, but […]

USM to celebrate poetry in Glickman Library

Posted on October 23, 2017 by USM Free Press in Uncategorized

Cormac Riordan Every spring, the University of Southern Maine English Department faculty members start to select who will be the O’Brien poet for the upcoming year. This year it is none other than Cheryl Savageau, a Fellowship-award winning Massachusetts poet. She has written three collections of poetry, a children’s book, and has a memoir coming […]

Letter to the Editor: President Cummings responds to Free Press article

Posted on May 10, 2017 by USM Free Press in Perspectives, Uncategorized

Dear Free Press, Thank you for your May 1 story that included my reflections at Student Government on USM’s experience this year attempting to balance issues of freedom of speech, allowing controversial speakers on to our campus, and addressing student concerns about their safety. I would like to clarify one statement in your story. I […]

USM Huskies vs. Salem State Vikings Game Review

Posted on November 12, 2016 by USM Free Press in Uncategorized

By Katie Harris, Free Press staff Gorham, Maine — The USM’s women’s soccer team kicked off its season at home at Hannaford Field on Wednesday afternoon, and won against Salem State with a 2-1 victory. The Huskies improved to 3-2 on the season in a tightly matched game. Salem State dropped to 0-5 on the […]

Triple 9 Review

Posted on February 29, 2016 by USM Free Press in Uncategorized

By John Rocker The year 2016 has gotten off to an interesting start when it comes to movies. Normally, the beginning of the year is this drought of poorly made films that  are simply fillers for the big blockbusters in the coming months. So far, with Academy Award nominated films and actual good films coming […]