Question of the week

“It makes me want to skip class.”

Rebecca Rasche, sociology, junior

“It makes me want to get in my car and drive to Canada.”

Sarah Lord, undeclared, sophomore

“Makes me feel ready for summer.”

Mat Leighton, music, junior

“It’s making going to classes a lot harder,”

Kristin MacCaffray, media studies, junior

“It’s kind of made me want to be outside more and absorb the sun.

Question of the week

“I would definitely go with pants, but dressy pants.”

Kate Whitelaw, undeclared, sophomore

“Shirt and tie. I’d be funny about my outfit. But colorful and I’d probably wear a hat.”

Steve Maxim, therapeutic recreation, sophomore

“If people would get dressed up for it , would I go with the flow?”

Beth Tatro, therapeutic recreation, senior

“I’d definitely wear a suit.