Wednesday, May 25th, 2016


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About USM

The University of Southern Maine is the largest of the seven campuses in the University of Maine System. USM has three campuses, Portland (pop. 64,249), Gorham (pop. 14,141) and Lewiston-Auburn (pop. Lewiston 35,690 and Auburn 23,203)

The Free Press prints 2,800 –  3,000 issues each edition, which are delivered on the Portland, Gorham and Lewiston-Auburn campuses as well as several off-campus locations in Portland and Gorham.

USM By The Numbers

8,428 Total Enrollment
6,628 Undergraduate
1,544 Graduate Students
256 Law Students

59.3% Female
40.7% Male
90.7% Maine Residents
9.3% Non-Maine Residents
Average Student Age is 27
1,023 Live On Campus
7,405 Live Off Campus