Thursday, June 21st, 2018

A grain of meditation

Posted on February 04, 2002 by Glen Bolduc in Photo Gallery

Hours of meditation and visualization are necessary in preparation for the sand mandala. Tibetan artist Lobsang Samten sits quietly repeating a special meditation ritual before beginning his work, left. The chakpo, below, is a long ribbed device that Samten uses to direct the grains of sand to his desired pattern.

Ice Fishing photo gallery

Posted on January 14, 2002 by Glen Bolduc in Photo Gallery

Six inches at its thickest point, and as thin as glass in other places, intrepid reporter Stanley, left, punches through the ice on Pettengil Pond in Windham as Wright, waits to clear the hole.

More than ten holes were used for fishing traps last week. On Wednesday afternoon, the prize catch was a brown trout that Tyler gutted and sliced into steaks while a dog named Sam looked on, below.

Halloween Pictures

Posted on November 05, 2001 by USM Free Press in Photo Gallery

Children get dressed up for Halloween night

Bus photos

Posted on October 01, 2001 by Chris Baker in Photo Gallery

A day in the life of the Marginal Way shuttle bus

University comes together after crisis

Posted on September 24, 2001 by NA in Photo Gallery

The University of Southern Maine comes together after the devastating terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and The Pentagon.

Annual festival fun for all

Posted on September 17, 2001 by USM Free Press in Photo Gallery

USM welcomed students back last week with its annual festival. Students could challenge each other to jousts, sumo wrestling matches, or just kick back and watch a band.