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The journey of recovery: How the USM community handles healing

Posted on April 18, 2017 by USM Free Press in Community

By: Mary Ellen Aldrich, Community Editor  ‘Recovery’ is a word with meanings and interpretations as diverse as those who use it. Regardless of these differences, it is a word which, according to members of the Recovery Oriented Campus Center (ROCC), holds similarities to “hope,” “healing” and “improving.” The ROCC, located on the USM Portland campus, […]

People of USM Donna Cassidy

Posted on April 11, 2017 by USM Free Press in Community

By: Kelly Scrima, Web Editor Maine boasts many artists who stand out in the art history books for their works, with notable artists including Marsden Hartley, Edward Hopper and Winslow Homer. On March 15, the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met Breuer) in New York City opened a new exhibit entitled “Marsden Hartley’s Maine,” which was […]

People of USM: Kaoru Phillips, Assistant Director of the International Office

Posted on March 18, 2017 by USM Free Press in Community

By Eleanor Mair, Contributor The transition into university can be difficult. The experience of living in a new town, trying to make new friends, participating in brand new courses and gaining a sense of independence can be overwhelming. For incoming international students, however, their recent travels, sometimes thousands of miles away from home, to immerse […]

A closer look at marijuana and its potential to exacerbate cognitive problems

Posted on February 25, 2017 by USM Free Press in Community

By Mary Ellen Aldrich and Cara DeRose As of January 2017, recreational marijuana is officially legal in Maine for those who are twenty-one and older. Although recreational marijuana’s previous illicit status never deterred people from using it, people can now smoke marijuana without the usual obstacles of accessibility and unlawfulness (so long as a person […]

Kittens and yoga, a match made in heaven

Posted on February 13, 2017 by USM Free Press in Community

By: Julie Pike, Staff Writer Imagine bending into downward dog as a tiny kitten scampers underneath you, or extending into sun salutation while another kitten brushes up against your feet. This describes the experience of those who attended the Kitten Yoga event to benefit the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland (ARLGP) on Saturday, Feb. […]

People of USM: Maria Tzianabos, Instructor’s passion for dance runs deep

Posted on February 06, 2017 by USM Free Press in Community

By Jake Hahn, Free Press Staff For some, the art of dance is just part of the background noise of life, just another thing they may see throughout the course of the day. For others, however, much more thought is put into the art. For these people it’s a way of life, not just a […]

The dreadlocks debate: appreciation or appropriation?

Posted on February 06, 2017 by USM Free Press in Community

By Dionne Smith, Free Press Staff There is an ongoing debate about whether it is appropriate or not for white people to wear dreadlocks. The argument stems from the history of white people appropriating different aspects of other cultures as well as stereotyping cultures. In the twenty-first century, is it okay for all aspects of […]

People of USM: Dana McDaniel, Head of USM’s Linguistics Department

Posted on February 02, 2017 by USM Free Press in Community

By: Jordan Castaldo, Free Press Staff Dana McDaniel is known to most as the head of the USM Linguistics Department. However, having the pleasure of getting to know her a bit further, and to focus more on her linguistics background and not just her job, it becomes apparent just how interesting McDaniel is. McDaniel was […]

Islamic studies minor in the works at USM

Posted on February 02, 2017 by USM Free Press in Community

By: Kelly Scrima, Free Press Staff USM is currently in the planning stages of adding a minor in Islamic studies. The idea of an Islamic studies minor has been on the minds of faculty and students for some time. However, it’s taken a while for things to actually get started. According to Brendan Butler, a […]

Freshman 2.0: How to handle your second semester

Posted on December 10, 2016 by USM Free Press in Community

By Mary Ellen Aldrich, Community Editor The first semester of any freshman’s college experience can be the most difficult. For some freshmen the first semester acts purely as a transitional period in which they take it easy and take as few credits as possible. Other freshman will be a bit too enthusiastic for their own […]