Singer, songwriter, and musician Bryan Bielanski has just released his third album, Bryan’s Super Happy Fun Time 3. He has been playing guitar and making music since he was a teenager. In his many years of being on tour he has been all over the world, traveling everywhere from Canada to China to Costa Rica. Bielanski is inspired and influenced by a wide variety of artists and rock bands from the ‘60’s and ‘90’s, which he categorizes as “golden ages” in music. Having grown up listening to those artists, his musical sound is influenced by musical icons of the ‘60’s like Elvis Presley and the Beatles, as well as 90’s rock bands like Nirvana, Weezer, and Green Day. 

Bielanski’s own music is a unique mix of pop and modern folk. With catchy lyrics, pop rock, and an upbeat melody, listening to his music will make you feel like you are having a happy and fun time with nothing but good vibes all around. The overall vibe of the album is catchy and you cannot help but tap your foot along. With it being the third “Happy Fun Time” album, it had to have more joy and energy than before. He used his time in between shows on his 2022 tour for Bryan’s Super Happy Fun Time 2 to work on creating this new album. Bielanski explained in an interview with the Free Press that the vision going into this album was to give fans what they wanted. More happy, fun times, more pop culture references, and covers. A staple of a Bryan Bielanski song is a good old fashioned pop culture reference. With them being fan favorites, Bielanski ensured that he bumped up the amount of references in this album. This album included a fun and flirty song called “Star Wars Marathon” where he makes references to a bunch of beloved characters from all episodes I-IX. However, not every song on the album is a Bielanski original. He often performs covers of some of his favorite songs. For the first time ever he has included a select few on his new album, including two absolute classics, “All the Small Things” by Blink-182 and “Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears. Just like his originals, you couldn’t help but sing and dance along to these songs. 

Despite having toured five of the world’s continents, he has never performed in Maine until now. This summer Bielanski will be performing at the Saint George River Cafe in Warren, Maine on Tuesday, June 20. In his goal to perform in all 50 states, Maine will mark #47, and as a Steven King fan he is excited to visit the author’s home state. If you’re unable to attend the concert, you can catch  Bielanski on 90.9 WMPG in a pre-concert appearance. Bryan’s Super Happy Fun Time 3 is also available to stream on both Spotify and Apple Music.


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