My name is Abshiro Ali and I’m a graduate student at the school of Nursing. I work at the
Financial Aid Department as a Graduate Assistant promoting Financial Wellness for University of Southern Maine students, staff, and alumni.

What does financial Wellness mean?

Financial wellness is understanding of your personal finances and goals, and using that
information to make decisions about your current income and expenses.
How can does Financial Aid Department help students?
The Financial Aid Department in the University of Southern Maine works with iGRAD which is an online resource to help our students, staff, and alumni learn about personal financial Wellness.

What does iGRAD offer to students?

iGRAD offers short courses (15-45 minutes) that teach you the fundamentals of money
management. These courses include topics about financial wellness, mortgages, credit,
insurance, and budgeting. There are also live video webinars with financial wellness experts
where you can ask questions

In order to encourage students to utilize this resource, we are offering a scholarship raffle for University of Southern Maine undergraduate and graduate students. Students who take at least one short course on iGRAD by December 1st, 2022 to be automatically entered into a chance to win a $500 scholarship. One winner will be selected, please note that students must register with their USM e-mail to enter. I have included our flyer with a QR code.


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