Car Maintenance You Should Do Before Winter

Harsh winter weather is just around the corner. For many students, this may be your first time owning and caring for a car in the winter. To keep your vehicle running smoothly during the change of seasons, consider what car maintenance you should do before winter strikes.

Check Your Lights

As winter approaches, the sun starts to set earlier in the day. To make sure you can still safely see on your commute home from campus or while running errands later in the day, you’ll want to make sure your lights are in good shape. If your lights seem dull, consider replacing the bulbs; if they look foggy, use a restoration kit.

Get a Volt Test

Your car battery runs much more easily in warm weather than it does in cold temperatures. If your battery was already on the weak side in the summer months, you run the risk of it giving up altogether in the winter. If you aren’t a car expert, knowing the state your battery is in may not be obvious. Take your car in for a volt test to check its strength, and consider getting a replacement battery if necessary.

Check Your Tires

When the winter weather comes, there will be all sorts of new hazards on the road, including slippery ice and snow. Having a solid set of tires will keep you in better control of your car. Check your tires for signs you may need to rotate them before you start adding extra winter wear, or consider switching to winter tires for extra traction.

Refill Your Car’s Coolant

Coolant is vital to your car in the winter, as it keeps your engine from freezing in cold climates. Before the temperatures start to drop too low, make sure your vehicle has the right amount of coolant. A mechanic can quickly top it off if your coolant levels are low.

Replace Old Wipers

When a big snowstorm rolls in, you’ll want to have a set of new windshield wipers to keep your line of vision clear. If your wipers are over six months old or you notice streaks and gaps on your windshield, you should get a new pair before snowfall.

Keeping your car in the best shape requires keeping up with the changing seasons. Checking your lights, getting a volt test on your car’s battery, refilling your car’s coolant, and replacing old windshield wipers are a few examples of car maintenance you should do before winter.


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