Brooks student center on the Gorham campus. Cullen McIntyre / Editor-in-Chief

By: Cullen McIntyre, Editor-in-Chief

According to an email from President Glenn Cummings on Thursday addressed to students, faculty and staff, a “detectable level of SARS-CoV-2 has been identified in our Gorham Campus wastewater.”

As a result of the wastewater sampling that was implemented in August, all in-person classes and events will be held remotely on Friday. The email also added that temporary steps will be taking place on all three campuses:

  • “All in-person classes and events scheduled for Friday, Nov. 6, will be held remotely
  • All non-essential staff are required to work remotely on Friday, Nov. 6. If you are a staff member not approved for remote work, please record your scheduled work time as administrative leave
  • We are rapidly mobilizing to have Vault Health test essential staff on Friday, Nov. 6. More information on tomorrow’s testing times and location will be provided by email”

Students living on campus are advised to stay on campus for the weekend and will be having mandatory testing on Monday, Nov. 9. In an email from Christina Lowery, Director of Housing and Residential Life, she outlined more guidelines for residential students.

Brooks Dining Hall will remain open to students living on campus but the limited seating will be closed for the weekend. Students are advised to use the Bite-app to order their meals from the dining hall or the Husky Hideaway.

According to the email from Lowery, “Lower Brooks and the fitness center will be closed, and there will be no athletic practices. Lounges in residence halls will remain closed. There will be no in-person events.”

Lowery’s email also emphasized Cummings’ earlier point that students should remain on campus for the weekend as much as possible. “Going to stay elsewhere (at home or with a friend) both further exposes our community, and also could expose others. The same logic applies for work – we highly recommend students opt out of work until they receive their test results. Please use your best judgement to keep our community safe.”

The email also advised students to pay more attention the social distancing and closing their group of close contacts with other students.

As asymptomatic testing takes place this week, the university is underlining the importance that students remain vigilant about following campus guidelines.


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