The Best Ways To Get Donors’ Attention

In addition to adjusting to online schooling, student organizers have had to navigate the new landscape of fundraising. Many huge donation opportunities are in-person events, which are now being delayed indefinitely to prioritize student and staff safety.

Especially with the shift toward digital donating, much of an organization’s campaign success relies on the number of committed donors it already has. The transition to online fundraising has been astonishing, though not seamless, and it has allowed student organizations and clubs to maintain relationships with many of their donors during times of uncertainty. Adopting the best ways to get donors’ attention is sure to help you and your charitable organization’s mission continue to thrive.

Adaptive Website

Having a website that’s adaptive to mobile devices is a crucial aspect of a successful fundraising campaign. People are constantly on their phones, making it likely for them to reach your website via social media or digital advertisement. Ensure your website functions properly on mobile devices by making it phone-friendly when you’re developing it.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail campaigns are some of the best ways to get donors’ attention. They’re an inexpensive approach to getting in contact with your donors. There are many ways to create a successful e-mail campaign, including forming e-mail groups to receive specific messages to increase the likelihood of interaction with the e-mails. Offer the ability to opt in to e-mail campaigns on your website’s donation page so that your donors can stay up to date on your organization’s announcements.

Simplified Donation Process

Simplifying the donation process however possible will increase your chances of developing a wider reach and help your donors access information with ease. Asking for a minimal amount of information on your donation page will prevent apprehension from donors. There are a few ways to evolve a more expansive fundraiser without cluttering your site.

Create Donation Tiers

Inform your donors what their donations are providing for the organization. Giving them an idea of where their money is going offers a sense of security and trust through transparency. It’s also a nice way to give people on a budget less costly options for donating.

Offer Recurring Donations

When you’re building a donation page, allow donors to select recurring donation payments if they’d like. This makes it easier and faster for constant donors to fund their favorite organization on a frequent basis.

Draw Attention

Have clear directions on your organization’s website that guide potential donors. Having a coherent and user-friendly website is vital to gaining donor attention and maintaining it.


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