The Basics of Properly Caring for Your PC

Now more than ever, your personal computer is a pivotal piece of equipment for learning. Schools have already begun to transfer homework assignments, textbooks, and even tests onto internet-based platforms, especially in recent times. To add to that, the current COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated that colleges across the country hold their classes at least in part online. Amidst all this, students must rely on their computers heavily and make sure that they continue to function without serious issues. We share some of the basics of caring for your PC properly so you can keep it in good condition.

Use Antivirus Software

This recommendation may seem like a given, but there are still some that neglect to protect their PCs from malicious viruses and malware. You never know when a website you enter might spread these to your computer, so it’s good to guard it preemptively and stop problems before they have a chance to begin. Antivirus programs will detect when viruses and malware take up residence in your system and will have the ability to isolate and get rid of them. You can find antivirus software for free or pay for it from reputable internet-based companies.

Clean Your PC

Besides keeping your computer virtually spotless, you also need to physically clean it. Removing dust and other particles is vital to the basics of caring for your PC properly. This is because dust and crumbs can block up the internal components of your PC and lead to damage when they get lodged somewhere they shouldn’t. They may also cause overheating by clogging fans and vents. Use a can of compressed air to blow the debris out of your computer and wipe away any dirt buildups that are stuck on it, particularly on the keyboard. Throughout the process, keep your computer shut down so you can clean without causing any unintentional harm.

Keep Your PC Cool

As touched on, it is important to keep your PC cool. When a computer becomes too hot, its parts can melt or suffer enough that your PC shuts off while you are using it. Keeping your PC cool doesn’t just involve cleaning it, though. You also need to see whether it has an effective cooling system in place. Cooling systems consist of fans or water tubes that blow away or absorb heat from the computer’s parts. If you notice that your PC tends to become overly hot despite getting rid of dust, you might want to check or upgrade its cooling system. You can get help from a professional or do this on your own by opening up the computer case. Should you go with the latter route, don’t be afraid to take cooling system advice from gaming-related guides, as they offer extensive knowledge on caring for PCs.


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