By: Al Bean, Athletics Director

The USM Athletics Department is excited to welcome all of our students back to campus for the Fall 2020 semester. We know you have already faced great adversity in the past six months and there are certainly challenges still ahead but we are here to help support you, work with you and make your experience the best it can possibly be at this time.

Our athletics and recreational facilities will be open for use by students, faculty and staff but it will not be business as usual. There will be conditions for use and we must all comply and work together to try and maintain the safest possible environment for everyone. We hope we can provide you with an outlet and an opportunity to enjoy yourself through participation in sport, recreational activities or through fitness center strength and conditioning activity. We will have our fitness center open on the upper level of the Hill Gym but will also support similar activity in the field house which, this fall, will house our cardio equipment. A reminder, locker room facilities will not be available to anyone at this time, we will continue to review all possibilities as we move forward through the year.

The ice arena will be open for skating on September 21st and we will work to provide access for you in the best possible way. There will be limited numbers of people allowed on the ice at any given time.  We will also support the activities sponsored by and conducted by Student Life and Student Activities including intramural sports and recreation. More information will come from their offices.

The athletics department will continue to employ a significant number of student workers again this year.  Please come to the Costello Sports Complex if you are interested in a work study position with Athletics.  We need our student workers to help manage the facilities and help us maintain a safe and compliant operation.

Like most departments, our staff will be available to speak with you or meet with you if needed.  Those meetings may be via zoom or could be in person if both parties agree and safety precautions can be maintained.  Please feel free to reach out with questions or concerns you might have.  We will do our best to support you and ask that you do the same in supporting health and safety guidelines.

Best wishes for a great year; please reach out if we can assist you in any way. Our staff directory is located on the ( website.  I look forward to seeing you back on the Gorham Campus very soon.






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