Cullen McIntyre / Editor-in-Chief

By: Cullen McIntyre, Editor-in-Chief

President Glenn Cummings confirmed in an email that there has been a single positive test result for COVID-19 in the university’s first asymptomatic testing during move-in week. The student, currently in isolation, is from out-of-state, living off campus and will not be participating in any in-person classes this fall.

“Contact tracing is underway. Based on the circumstances of this case, the Maine CDC has determined that no quarantining of USM students, faculty or staff is required at this time,” Cummings stated in the email.

The lone positive result out of 3,200 tests given is a good result for the university. “This is a good time to remember the point of asymptomatic testing: We actually want to find positive cases. That’s why we’re screening. While it may seem counterintuitive, there’s great value in identifying people who are positive so we can then take measures to keep the virus from spreading within the USM community,” said Cummings.

Students have been moving into residence halls over a three-day period that began Tuesday. Before going into their dorms, students were required to be tested in the Costello Sports Complex. Some students living off-campus were also randomly selected to be tested during this three-day period as well.

For students living on campus, they are required to quarantine for three days in their dorms. During the quarantine students are allowed to do solo exercise outside by themselves and go to their assigned area to pick up their meals for the quarantine. Some students have received their negative COVID-19 test results but will continue to quarantine until any required contact tracing is completed.

The university will continue to notify students, faculty and staff on the results of testing over the coming days.


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