The Best Sportbikes to Buy in 2020

Now that it’s summer, racing season is underway for many amateurs and professionals. Motorcycle racing is a popular motorsport where riders hop on megaliths in the form of two-stroke and four-stroke engines on an aluminum chassis, two wheels, and tires that barrel down the track to receive the fastest time. On that note, here are some of the best Sportbikes to buy in 2020. Some of these are merely concepts, but we’re excited for them, nonetheless.

2020 Aprilia RS 660

Making a signature debut is the 2020 Aprilia RS 660. This concept Sportbike offers a thrilling ride on any track. Given its design and specifications, the twin-cylinder 660 cc engine reaches an impressive 100 horsepower, giving it excellent power and sophistication. The aluminum frame is currently offered in a black-and-red or blue-and-red variety, and it features LED lighting, cornering features, TFT instrumentation, smartphone connectivity, adjustable chassis setup, radial front calipers, electronic aids, and other racing package add-ons to improve your game.

2020 BMW R 1250 RS

BMW isn’t only known for its luxury car series—they also produce reputable racing bikes. The R 1250 RS is one prime example of their motorcycle craftsmanship. This racing bike marries sportiness with ergonomics. Built with racing or touring capability, the new engine spoiler, twin headlights, four-stroke twin boxer engine, double overhead camshaft, one balanced shaft, and variable engine timing system all make for an excellent vehicle. Even for non-racing travel, you can reach an impressive 125 mph due to its 1,254-cc engine.

2020 BMW S 1000 RR

Likewise, the S 1000 RR is another notable Sportbike. Built for the serious competitors, this bike is one of a kind. With ten years of noteworthy performance, the S 1000 RR pushes 205 hp and 83 lb-ft of torque. LED turn signals, taillights, and brake lights help the bike shine in day and night riding. Still, the modified frame and design offer an impressive aesthetic to take to the track. The M carbon wheels, M battery, M seat and seat cover, and M swing arm pivot ensure a powerful racing experience. More so, the S 1000 RR is one of the most common bikes for customizable upgrades. Consider any of these performance upgrades to help your track time, handling, and overall performance.

2020 Ducati Superleggera V4

Ducati is an exceptional Italian company known for its motorcycles. Another concept bike, Ducati unveiled this lightweight Sportbike to compete against its notable racer, the Panigale 4. The Superleggera comes complete with 234 hp and only weighs 335 pounds. It’s entire body frame and chassis—including frame, subframe, swingarm, and wheels—as well as aerodynamic wings all replace traditional steel with carbon fiber. The 998-cc displacement, full racing exhaust, and racing kit make this a track necessity.


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