Terrific Tips for Starting the Next Great Podcast

The entertainment industry has changed many times throughout history. Films and live theater, which were once so popular, have since given way to more mobile and accessible forms of entertainment. One of the most popular media formats right now is the podcast. This type of entertainment is equally as accessible for the listener as it is for the creator and kickstarting your own podcast is now easier than ever, thanks to user-friendly streaming services and audio software. Not only are podcasts a great creative outlet, but when done well, they can also be an effective way to make a bit of extra money. These tips for starting the next great podcast will help put you on the right path toward a successful podcast.

Create your niche

With new podcasts popping up every single day, it’s become increasingly difficult to set yourself apart from the crowd. As such, one of the best tips for starting the next great podcast is to establish your niche and stick to it. Some of the best podcasts are those which focus on a highly specific area of interest, such as video games, literature, or business development. However, even these areas can become easily oversaturated. Narrowing the subject matter even further to focus specifically on old Atari games or providing business advice to restaurant owners, for instance, will allow you to establish yourself as the expert in that specific field.

Though choosing such a niche subject may slightly reduce your audience base at first, it will yield more effective and reliable results in the future. Your audience will begin to recognize that your podcast is the most trustworthy in this specific field and will begin recommending it to their friends. As your audience base begins to grow, you will likely see other podcasts crop up in your area of interest. Though there may now be a larger number of podcasts discussing your same subject, you will have established yourself as the expert in the field long ago and will have the audience base to show for it.

Focus on formatting

Creating a podcast isn’t just about speaking your mind, however. It actually requires a bit of technical know-how. When first beginning your podcast, it’s important that you devote a bit of time to understanding the logistics of recording, editing, and streaming audio content.

Even podcasts that are formatted as a stream of consciousness with very few breaks throughout will require significant audio editing before then can be streamed. This editing process often requires the adjustment of volume levels and background noise and can be quite a fickle process. After editing the audio, you will also need to adjust the file format. Not all audio file formats are compatible with popular streaming platforms. Understanding the different types of audio files currently in use will ensure that your audio data can be uploaded and streamed correctly, without the risk of the data becoming corrupted.


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