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By: Connor Blake, Staff Writer

Maverick Lynes, the junior hockey player out of Christina Lake, British Columbia, Canada is helping the Men’s Ice Hockey team have one of their best seasons in years.

Before coming to USM, Lynes spent time playing with the Creston Valley Thunder Cats and the Selkirk Steelers in 2015. He scored a total of 39 points with Creston Valley including 11 goals and 28 assists. Most recently, Lynes played with the Fort Frances Lakers in the Superior International Junior Hockey League (SIJHL). While on the Lakers he appeared in 56 regular season games finishing with an impressive 34 points with six goals and 28 assists.

Since coming to USM in 2017, Lynes has been nothing but reliable having played in all 26 games his freshman year. His sophomore year was nothing different playing in 24 games as well. This year, was more of the same for Lynes, but on November 15th, 2019 he scored his first career USM goal against Babson. Since then, he has scored a total of 8 goals on the season and leads the Northeast Hockey Conference for defensemen goals.

In addition to working hard in hockey, Lynes also works extremely hard academically. After his second season was finished he earned a spot on the New England Hockey All-Conference All-Academic Team and received the American Hockey Coaches Association Academic All-Star honor. He has been honored the William B. Wise Scholar-Athlete award the last two seasons. Lastly, to top it all off Lynes has also served as a valuable member of the USM residential community as a Resident Assistant for the past 2 years.

The Free Press sat down with Lynes this week, to ask him some questions about hockey, academics and what makes this season so special.

Q: What is it like having won a playoff game for the first time in 8 years
A: It feels good, but at the same time it is just one playoff game, it’s not like we’ve won the championship yet. That being said, it feels good having come into the playoffs as a #7 team and you beat the #2 team it’s a good feeling. People were writing us off for that game, so it is satisfying to prove people wrong, but we are not done yet, we still want to continue this deeper into the playoffs.

Q: How do you intend to build on last year’s success both individually and team-wise?
A: One of the biggest things in hockey is confidence, so when you believe in yourself more, you will generally play better and I think this year that has helped us. This year we are a tighter group, we work well together, and we would do anything for one other, we are brothers and that has helped our success. Not to mention the fact that we have 8 seniors, and having that veteran presence has helped us a lot.

Q: When did you start to play?
A: Started skating when I was 3 and I played organized hockey when I was 5.

Q: Why do you play Hockey?
A: My Brother and my dad played so I would watch them play, and I looked up to my brother, and I wanted to be like him.

Q: What has Hockey taught you that can be transferred to other areas of life?
A: Teamwork for sure. When you have 5 guys on the ice and 20 guys on the team you have to learn how to blend with other guys’ strengths and weaknesses to make a strong team.

Q: How do you balance school with Hockey?
A: To be honest, I just buckle down and do it. Going and playing hockey is more fun than writing an 8-page paper, but I am here for academics and athletics so I realize I’ve got to hold my own academically so I just do it.

Q: What do you do outside of the sport?
A: I love to hike, take pictures and make videos. On the side, I also volunteer at the USM Ice Arena helping people learn how to skate and play hockey. Lastly, in the Summer I coach at the Oilers Hockey School.

Q: What are you planning to do after school?
A: I want to coach after school, ideally a head coach at a high school. At the same time, I am also an English major, so I would love to be teaching English and coaching hockey all at the same time.

Q: Who is your inspiration in life?
A: I’d have to say, my brother, Trammell is somebody I look up to a lot because he has always been my role model. He graduated with his master’s degree in 4 years. He is somebody who just gets things done and is extremely motivated to be the best he can be.

Q: How have your coaches helped you on and off the ice?
A: My coaches through the years have built and sustained the love I have for the game that has brought me to USM. No matter how good you are at something, you won’t continue to improve unless you love doing it. Therefore, having coaches that keep me inspired and wanting me to improve has been extremely helpful.

Q: What piece of advice would you give to other student-athletes who are looking for success?
A: You just have to love what you do. For me, going to the rink is something I love to do. In the same respect, going to class is something I love as well. I guess just try and find what you are passionate about, and spend your time doing that.

Q: If I were to ask a teammate “ Tell me about Maverick” what would they say?
A: I’m someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously. I try to come to the rink with a smile on my face and I try to make others smile as well.

Q: When you look back at USM what will you remember?
A: My teammates and friendships through my RA role I will always remember. I love the relationships I have formed and I will always remember USM for that.


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