How to Make Your Car How to Make Your Car More Eco-FriendlyMore Eco-Friendly

If you’re living on-campus, then a car isn’t quite the necessity that it is for commuting students. You have the luxury of parking your car for the week and walking or riding a bike to and from class or around campus. Having a car on campus, though, can let you make a run home to do some laundry or see your friends. Whatever the reason, make sure that your car isn’t harsh on the environment. That might seem impossible, given the nature of cars, but we have some tips for how to make your car more eco-friendly.

Clean the Air Filter

Instead of buying a new air filter, clean the one you have. Air filters in the engine are reusable more than once. The guy at the oil change will show you a dirty one and clean one to make you think the one in your engine is filthy. It may be, but you can blow dirt out of it with an air hose and it will work almost like new. Save some money, and the environment, by reusing the old one.

Don’t Top Off the Tank

Once the pump kicks off automatically, resist the urge to add a few more drops of gasoline into the tank. You are only adding more gas to an already full tank and costing yourself more money. The gas tank needs that extra room so the gas can expand. Taking up that space with more gas interferes with the car’s vapor collection system and affects the engine’s performance, making it less efficient.

Avoid Rough Roads

This might be a tough one to accomplish, but if you can, avoid roads with bumps and potholes. They have a terrible effect on the suspension of your car and will lead to costly repairs. There are so many benefits of smoother roads; this includes environmental benefits. Scout out smoother roads for the good of your car and the environment.

Buy Eco-Friendly Tires

There are eco-friendly tires available for your car. They are made from environmentally safe materials, such as synthetic rubber blends, and have improved rolling resistance to boost gas mileage and reduce emissions. Help the tires you have last longer by keeping them inflated to the proper level. Underinflated tires affect the car’s performance and make the engine work harder.

Maintain Your Car

Keep your car in good running condition. Getting regular tune-ups will keep it running well and efficiently. This will make sure the O2 sensors work well and keep emissions down. Have the mufflers checked, too. Those two minor things can hamper the airflow in the engine and lower its efficiency drastically.


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