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By: Christopher Corson, Collegiate Recovery Program Coordinator, Recovery Oriented Campus Center

The ROCC staff and Peers would like to welcome back our students for a fun and action-packed spring 2020. Some students immediately after reading this might say, What’s the ROCC and Where is it? With that said, let’s take off the veil for 2020 and quickly explain.

Where: The ROCC is located on the top floor of Sullivan Gym.

What is the ROCC? The ROCC by name stands for Recovery Oriented Campus Center. This program is designed to create a greater sense of community that fosters personal growth and development for its students. The ROCC recognizes that everyone has their own path to wellness and recovery.

Likewise, the ROCC offers a supportive and understanding environment where people can safely transition into recovery, engage the community at USM and create new healthy, long-lasting relationships. The ROCC offers a multitude of different opportunities for community engagement and leadership skills. ROCC peers can and do engage with local and state stakeholders in leadership positions and the greater USM community.
In addition, The ROCC helps students connect with USM Health and Counseling Services. Peers at the ROCC take on roles of leadership. All groups that are run at the ROCC are led by students like yourself.

Ever interested in running a group? Hosting and event? We all know that there are a lot of group chats and other social media platforms out there to chat. However, I would argue that we grow stronger as individuals and as a community to actually be in a room and talk with each other. I also believe, we acquire stronger skillsets for the workplace and in life by learning to be comfortable when we are not. It is important to have good listening skills. Being a good listener maximizes our ability to ask open ended questions. These are skills wanted by today’s employers and are also fantastic skills to practice in your own personal relationships.

Okay so let’s get back to the ROCC. One of the biggest issues that I have noticed at the ROCC is the lack of understanding of what Recovery means. I have spoken to many students since arriving and the biggest misconception is, “I don’t have an alcohol or drug problem, so I am not in recovery.”
Or “I don’t have a mental health issue.”

A goal for 2020: Let’s spread the word on what Recovery is. Recovery is living a life that is no longer impacted by old trauma and pain. Most of us are in some sort of recovery on a daily basis. The stress and anxiety of life, school, family and other interpersonal stressors. Some are trying to find a path to be free of drugs and alcohol, others grieve the loss of a friend or family member or not being able to physically compete due to injury or unhealthy relationships with others or with food. Some are veterans or military personnel.

We are all in some kind of recovery. This is why the ROCC can be so significant for students.

Finally, I want to say the great thing is that people do recover. They do find inner peace, strength and confidence. They do find a greater sense of self and self-improvement. I have been fortunate to witness the incredible selflessness and recovery of the Peers at the ROCC. These students thrive to help other students stay connected, be listened to and be accepted not judged.

I hope this better explains to our students what the ROCC is and we hope you drop by.
Please check our calendar of events. All of our events from Bowling, Red Claw games, Knit and Share are free to our students. We will also be having free catered lunches 1x per week so stay tuned and check the calendar. Be well and be kind. Chris Corson Program Coordinator for the ROCC.

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