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By: Enzhe Zaripova, Staff Writer

Halloween is on Thursday, October 31. It’s also Brexit day, when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. So some may find even more reasons to have a party. Let’s get spooky!

Costume ideas found in your closet!

It may be too late to order a costume to get it before Thursday, but there are ways to quickly DIY.

Fun costumes may transform an ordinary person to a celebrity, animal or ketchup packaging. It’s more fun to have couple or group costumes. Costumes may be creepy, funny, sexy or a mix of it at the same time. Halloween is a perfect time to practice bizarre makeup skills as well.

Find a cardboard box from the washing machine or any of human-size, add decorations and the costume of a stick of butter or another favorite product is ready.

Black-and-white suit, black sunglasses, and pen as a memory-sapping device… Yes, this is a Men in Black costume. Do not forget to have a poker face the entire party.

If you want to feel cozy and comfortable for the whole party, a one-piece pajama is a perfect way to do so. Fluffy and comfortable material will keep you in the comfort zone. This article’s author calls dibs on the fox costume!

Last tip: when time is really limited, Hippie costume can help! Flowerish clothes and headbands always inhabit a closet. Add leather, a feather and peace symbol on the costume to spread love and peace on the maximum level.

How to eek out your room!
Look for the inspiring decoration ideas on YouTube or Pinterest. It’s possible to order the creepiest creations online on Amazon or Party City. However, there is a charm to choosing decors by touching and actually seeing goods, for example, in Goodwill. For those who dare to do cute crafts themselves, a piece of advice found online will astonish: old wine bottles and candles can create a spooky atmosphere.

1) Spray paint the bottles in desired colors. Let them dry.
2) Place a candlestick in each bottle of wine. Light the candles and let the wax drip down the sides of the bottle.

Try yummy and ridiculous snacks

Guests will be (pleasantly) shocked to see unusual appetizers at the party. But there is no need to spend a lot of time on food preparation to wow your crowd. The puking pumpkin is possibly the best and easiest party gag of all time, with colorful dips exploding from a gaping mouth of a Jack O’Lantern.

Carve eyes and a mouth on a small pumpkin, hollow out the inside.
Spoon the dip coming out of the pumpkin’s mouth. The best variants of the dip are guacamole, spinach or black beans dip. Ultra gross!
Serve with chips.

The second must-have Halloween treat is scary eyeballs. Browse the Internet for recipes with cheese and olives or a sweet version with dough and chocolate M&M’s.

Celebrating Halloween is not only for kids. Adults can have just as much fun and use this holiday as a pleasant way to escape from work and studies for awhile. Remember to include our ideas in the party-plan!


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