Four artist proposals under consideration for the Roundabout Public Art Commission

Photograph courtesy of Caitlin Cameron. Tentative drawing of the USM roundabout plans

By Alyson Peabody, Editor-In-Chief

Four artists have submitted proposals for the Roundabout Public Art Commission that are currently under consideration. The USM Roundabout artwork will be an addition to the Oakdale neighborhood, University of Southern Maine and University of Maine Law School Portland campuses, and the greater Portland community.

Proposals by Anna Hepler, Owens + Crawley, Mark Pettegrow and Will Vannerson can be viewed online and in Portland City Hall on the monitors. Public comments about the proposals will be accepted during the Roundabout Public Art Presentation of Proposals and Public Comment meeting on Wednesday, June 19 at 5:00 p.m. in Portland Public Library, Room 5.

The four artists under consideration are:

1) Anna Hepler

2) Owens + Crawley

3) Mark Pettegrow

4) Will Vannerson

The artwork selection committee is made up of Daniel Minter, Diana Greenwald, Carol Schiller, Keith Smith and Lydia Swan. The selection committee will meet to review the proposals on June 20. Their meeting will include a review of the submissions from the four artists and will consider the public comments that are received.  

A comment form is available here through June 20.


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