Sheddy Agbonsalo Men’s Soccer 2016-18 Leadership Studies

Haley Bantz Women’s Track & Field, Cross Country 2016, 2018-19 English

Kiley Boerger Women’s Track & Field, Cross Country 2015-19 Nursing

Avaughn Brown Men’s Basketball 2018-19 English Education

Taylor Canastra Women’s Soccer 2015-18 Biology/Education/Chemistry

Emily Close Women’s Track & Field  2016-19 Exercise Science

Samantha Conley  Women’s Track & Field, Cross Country 2015-19 Social and Behavioral Sciences

Brooke Cross Softball 2016-19 Communications

Henry Curran Baseball  2016-19 Art Major

Seve Deery-Deraps Women’s Basketball 2017-19 Tourism and Hospitality

Kerigan Demers Field Hockey 2015-18 Criminology

Emma Dennison Women’s Soccer 2014-15, 2018 General Biology

Jake Dexter Baseball 2016-19 Liberal Studies

Kevin Dowling Men’s Soccer, Tennis 2015-19 Sports Management

Brooke Dugan Field Hockey 2017-18 Business

Taylor Etsy Women’s Soccer 2018 Social and Behavioral Sciences

Britney Evangelista Women’s Ice Hockey 2015-19 Biology

Conor Ferrera Men’s Ice Hockey 2015-19 General Management

Colleen Fleming Women’s Lacrosse 2016-19 Exercise Science

Logan Gailitis Men’s Track & Field 2016-19 Athletic Training

Drew Gamage Men’s Track & Field 2015-19 Biology

Fiss Gebreyesus Men’s Soccer 2017-18 Nursing

Ryan Gorman Men’s Soccer 2017-18 Exercise Science

Jensen Hamblett Women’s Ice Hockey 2015-17 General Management

Ron Helderman Men’s Track & Field 2015-19 Biochemistry

Patrick “Tom” Henry Golf 2018 Business

Bryan Hodges Men’s Ice Hockey 2015-17 General Management

Sam Hornblower Men’s Lacrosse 2015-19 Accounting

Kim Howrigan Women’s Basketball 2015-19 Accounting & Finance

Simon Hulbert Men’s Soccer 2015-18  Business Administration

Sean Jany Men’s Basketball 2017-19 Accounting

Colin Jones Men’s Track & Field 2016-19 Business Management/Finance/Marketing

Aliza Jordan Women’s Lacrosse 2017-19 Criminology

Courtney Jordan Women’s Tennis 2016-18 Chemistry

Mira Kuni Women’s Lacrosse 2016-19 Health Science

Tanner Laberge Baseball 2016-19 Marketing

Paul Leonardo Men’s Lacrosse 2016-19 Mechanical Engineering

Ally Little Women’s Soccer 2015-18 Athletic Training

Kelly Lynch Women’s Cross Country 2016 2018 English

Penny Maimone Women’s Track & Field 2016-19 Criminology

Mat Mallett Golf 2015-18 History

Tyler Mathieu Men’s Ice Hockey 2015-19 Mechanical Engineering

Shaun McKinnon Golf 2015-18 History

Sarah Michaud Women’s Soccer 2015-18 English

Ibrahim Mohamed Men’s Soccer 2015, 2018 Marketing

Charlie Mull Men’s Soccer 2014, 2016-18 Health Science

Olivia Mull Women’s Soccer 2016-18 Tourism and Hospitality

Ruth Nadeau Women’s Lacrosse 2017-19 Psychology

Matt Norris Tennis 2019 Leadership and Organizational Studies

Hala Van Nostrand Women’s Lacrosse 2017-19 Biology

Justin Pierce Men’s Track & Field, Cross Country 2017-18 Sports Management

Zach Quintal Baseball 2017-19 General Management

Dalton Rice Baseball 2016-19 General Management

Mike Risti Wrestling 2015-19 Exercise Science

Trey Rogers Men’s Track & Field 2016-19 Health Science

Parker Sanderson Men’s Ice Hockey 2015-19 Finance

Joanna Scheidegger Women’s Ice Hockey, Tennis 2015-19 Exercise Science

Nicole Schmitz Volleyball 2015-18 Exercise Science

Jake Schoenberg Men’s Lacrosse 2017, 2019 Marketing

Jack Slyvia Baseball 2016-19 Health Science

Margaret “Sissy” Smith Women’s Tennis 2015-18 Marketing

Alexa Srolovitz Women’s Basketball 2015-19 Athletic Training

Devin Warren Baseball 2015-19 Liberal Studies

Grayson Waterman Men’s Basketball 2017-19 Finance

Brendan Weir Wrestling 2015-19 Athletic Training

Miriam Wood Women’s Lacrosse 2016-19 Mathematics

Julian Zepeda Men’s Soccer 2015-18 Economics

Evan Zuchowski Men’s Tennis 2018-19 Mathematics



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