MovieTalk: Avengers Endgame does it all


By Cullen McIntyre, Sports Editor

Full Spoiler Warning ahead.

I will be diving into everything that occurred over the three hours of greatness the Russo brothers brought to the big screen.

Where do I start, this movie is the perfect ending for a franchise that began over a decade ago. Obviously the Marvel franchise is not done, with Spider-Man: Far From Home releasing in early July. But since the beginning of Iron Man (2008), every movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has led to this point.

The movie starts off in a familiar spot seen in the trailer, at the home of Clint Barton aka Hawkeye who he then refers to his daughter as, after she hits a perfect bullseye shooting a bow and arrow. His wife then calls for him to come eat, in which he calls out for his daughter who had just disappeared in silence. Following his confusion he turns around and his entire family has vanished, rather, they dusted.

We are then taken to another point seen in the trailer, and the first appearance of Tony Stark aka Iron Man in the Guardians’ ship with Nebula. He is leaving his heartfelt message for his wife Pepper Potts, before he passes out and Nebula sits him up in the pilots chair. We are left with a closeup of his face before an extremely bright light shines in his face, and Captain Marvel appears to save the day. Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel then brings the ship back to earth, and is greeted outside of the Avengers base by Steve Rodgers aka Captain America, James Rhodes aka War Machine, Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow, Bruce Banner aka Hulk, and Pepper Potts.

As if there wasn’t enough sadness already in the opening scene, Tony telling Steve “I lost the kid” was absolutely heartbreaking. Tony continues to let all of his emotions out from being trapped in space with the knowledge of losing what was lost in Avengers: Infinity War into Steve Rodgers. He even rips off his arc reactor and shoves it into Rodgers’ hand before passing out from exhaustion.

With the Guardians’ ship, the remaining team of Captain America, Black Widow, War Machine, Thor, Hulk, Captain Marvel, and Rocket plan to hunt down Thanos to get back the infinity stones with the gauntlet, and snap everyone who they lost back to life. They reach the planet that he has been residing on since the snap, and are confused to find him alone on the planet. The Avengers swoop down and attack him in his makeshift home, even slicing off his arm that the gauntlet seared itself onto after the snap. They realize the stones are gone, and Thanos reveals to them that he destroyed the stones after the snap. In rage, Thor slices off the head of the purple titan, and leaves a perfect “I went for the head” line before the screen fades and “FIVE YEARS LATER” pops across the screen.

I expected there to be a time jump between Infinity War and Endgame, and I had assumed the 22 days Stark spent in space was long enough. But instead viewers are thrown five years into the future after the beheading of Thanos himself.The most unexpected hero in the Marvel universe makes an appearance, as a rat walking across the machine that has had Scott Lang aka Ant Man trapped in the quantum realm, turning it on and shooting him out. Lang extinguishes the small sparks across his suit, before realizing he’s locked in a storage unit. He holds up a sign to the security camera, and the guard played by Ken Jeong, lets him out with his things.

Lang is left in confusion, as he has been gone for five years and did not experience the snap. He seems the empty homes, and trash that has been left all over the streets. A kid bikes him, and ignores his question of what happened. Lang stumbles upon a memorial of those who vanished, and begins to panic while looking for his daughters name. He is left in even more confusion, when finding his name listed on the memorial. Lang proceeds to go his ex-wife’s home, where he finds his daughter that has aged five years since the last time he saw her.

The time jump then sees Rodgers running a support/therapy group for those struggling with the snap, because what else would always optimistic Captain America be doing? We are then shown Black Widow speaking to holograms of the remaining Avengers and a very short-cut hair Captain Marvel that embodies the comic book version of the character. Widow is running the show, and gives orders to everyone except Danvers who says she won’t be around for a month. Rhodes stays on the hologram call to report that Barton, now the Ronin version of his character, had just slaughtered a Mexican gang. Widow gets emotional over what her close friend has been doing, and requests that Rhodes find where he will be next. Rodgers appears, and has a semi-heartfelt moment with her.

A video then appears at the front gate, as Lang has driven his van to the Avengers base. Rodgers and Romanoff instantly react with confusion, as they had believed the Ant Man was apart of those who vanished, guess they didn’t actually count how many people were gone. Lang explains where he was, and that the entirety of the five years he spent in the quantum realm only felt like five hours. He proposes the idea of what he doesn’t want to call time travel, and a desperate duo of Rodgers and Romanoff accept it.

The movie then sees the three go visit the only person living a happy life following the snap and quite possibly the only person smart enough to create time travel, Tony Stark. We find Tony in his lakeside house in the woods, and meet his daughter Morgan. The dynamic between Stark and his young daughter is heartwarming, and quite funny as dad Iron Man brought more character from Robert Downey Jr.’s character. Lang, Romanoff, and Rodgers all propose the idea to Stark, who instantly rejects the possibility of it happening. He tells them he can’t and won’t do it, proceeding to completely shut them down. The three accept that Stark will not help them, and go to the next smartest option.

Bruce Banner, now fully transformed into Hulk form that has a beard, glasses, wears a full set of clothing, and everything Banner had but now massive and green, meets up with the three at a diner. Now his Professor Hulk character from the comics, Banner says he is out of his area of expertise but will give it a shot. An awkward and funny scene then emerges, as kids ask to take a photo with Hulk, who hands the phone to Lang to take the photo. Lang then offers to have a photo with him, since he’s the “Ant Man”, and the kids decline. Banner, the kids, and Lang all awkwardly go back and forth over the photo with Banner telling them to take the photo, the kids shaking their heads, and it all ending with Lang saying “Just take the damn phone.”

They proceed to run some tests on Lang with the quantum realm machine that was in his van, leading to a hysterical moment of him coming back as a small child, old man, baby, etc. as Banner frantically attempts to bring him back as his normal self. Meanwhile, we see Stark cleaning dishes in his new home, making a mess of water all over the place. While cleaning up after himself, he comes across a photo of him and Peter Parker aka Spider-Man aka the kid he referred to losing earlier in the film. This prompts him to test the idea of time-travel, saying words no average Marvel fan understands while moving a hologram around to create the machine. He realizes the simulation he ran works perfectly, and drops a “Shit!” in awe. The screen pans to his daughter sitting on the stairs behind him, who repeats what her dad just said out loud. Stark then brings her to bed, in a very cute and funny moment. It then cuts to him in the living room, where Potts is on the couch reading a book. A comical moment ensues as he asks her what she’s reading, to which she replies composting. While she’s responding to his question about what’s new in the composting world, he just casually drops “I’ve solved time travel” in mid-conversation.

Stark then rolls up to the Avengers headquarters with some very skilled driving, greeting Rodgers with his shield that hasn’t been seen since Civil War. The Avengers now must assemble (see what I did there), as the team sets out to gather those remaining. It begins with Hulk and Rocket, hilariously traveling in the back of a truck to ‘New Asgard’, home of all the Asgardian people who survived Thor: Ragnarok. They are met by Valkyrie, who tells them it’s a lost cause as Thor only leaves his home monthly to quote on quote “resupply” as the camera pans to piles of kegs.

The duo make their way into Thor’s home anyway, and are met with a shockingly overweight Thor. He assumes they are there to fix the cable, as his friend Korg plays Fortnite on the TV. Another fantastic moment of hilarity ensues, as Korg tells Thor about someone being mean to him on Fortnite, so Thor takes the playstation headset and threatens the child. Rocket and Hulk try to persuade the overweight God of Thunder to join them on this mission, as they need all of the original Avengers to complete the task. He first declines, before Rocket’s “we have beer on the ship” does the job.

The movie then cuts to Japan, where Barton is on another slaughtering mission. His goal/basis was since he and others lost everything, and there are still bad people out there, they deserve to die. A very dark mission but that’s what he has been up to for the past five years. We watch him take down an entire Japanese gang with ease, and Romanoff then appears with an umbrella. This is the only scene I was slightly disappointed with, as I wasn’t expecting him to just go with her so easily but it makes sense since it was a chance for him family to be brought back.

Once the team is all together, they begin discussing how they will time travel and how it all works. They allude to the fact that the travel here is very unique, using pop culture references from about every popular movie that had time travel in it. Rhodes also brings up the idea of traveling back in time to when Thanos was a baby and killing him then, which they dismiss instantly while giving him a weird look. Barton goes back in time once to test the machine, and it works as he is brought back to a time when his daughter is much younger than the opening scene. Once they discover every point in time they want to go to, they divide into teams of three and set out on their mission.

The movie drops right into the “Battle of New York”, which after this movie is much less cool than it was when it originally came out, as we see literally every character battle in this movie. I’ll touch on that when we get there. The iconic original Avengers scene occurs, and then the team of Professor Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and Ant Man all drop into the scene. They watch the Hulk of that time throw a car on some aliens, and then jump on the car to really add to the overkill. The group formulates the plan, as they are after three of the six infinity stones, and proceed to tell Professor Hulk to smash some stuff to fit in. He then very carefully throws things around, adding to the list of humorous scenes in the movie.

The group then goes about their plan accordingly, with Stark and Lang both attempting to obtain the Tesseract aka the Space Stone. We see Stark stealth around the Avengers tower where Loki was defeated, and he flicks Ant Man into position. He then tells Rodgers how bad his butt looks in the original suit, to which Ant Man says it looks great, calling it “America’s ass.” Stark then falls out of the builiding, as his new Iron Man suit forms around his body and flies away. Professor Hulk visits the Sanctum Sanctorum, home of Dr. Strange in search of the Time Stone. He is met there by the The Ancient One who informs him that he is five years early, also dropping the only plot hole saying Strange is performing a surgery in New York City during the invasion? Bit confusing. Over the scene in New York, Hulk, now Banner since The Ancient One punches the Banner form out of Hulk with magic, obtains the Time Stone by informing her that Strange gave the stone to Thanos, meaning there was a reason this was done.

The funnier and the best of the three attempts in New York was Captain America’s, as he joins a group of Hydra (thought to be Shield) agents in an elevator. He tells them he’ll be running point on the moving of Loki’s Scepter aka the Mind Stone. He tells them the director gave them orders, proceeding to whisper “Hail Hydra” in the ear of an agent. This is arguably one of the funniest points of the movie, as the thought of original Avengers saying anything about Hydra that wasn’t horrible is hilarious.

Ant Man and Stark’s plan did not go as planned, as everything was executed perfectly from getting Ant Man on original Stark’s shoulder, to turning off his arc reactor, to flinging the case with the Tesseract in it across the floor to Stark in disguise. That was, until angry original Hulk appeared, still very upset about having to take the stairs, and wiped out Stark with the door he was walking past. The case with the Tesseract then landed perfectly in-front of the captured Loki who takes it and disappears, leading into what will likely be the storyline for his Disney+ series. We see original Thor fix original Stark’s arc reactor by shocking it with his hammer, as Ant Man and Stark escape the area.

Following Loki’s disappearance, Captain America runs into the original Captain America who believes him to be Loki, since he is also holding the Scepter at the time. What ensues is one of my favorite fight scenes in the MCU, as they trade blows original Rodgers coins his “I can do this all day” line, to which current Rodgers sighs and responds “I know.” They continue to fight with current Rodgers knocking him out with the use of the Scepter, standing over him and saying “that is America’s ass!” before going to meet up with the rest of the group.

Lang, Stark, and Rodgers all meet up, and due to the screw up with the Space Stone, Stark and Rodgers decide to go back to a place where there is more Pym Particles (what they use to shrink and travel in time), as well as the Tesseract. Lang goes back to the current time, and Hulk does as well after completely outsmarting The Ancient One on time travel and it’s effects.

While all of this is happening, War Machine and Nebula go to where Quill aka Star Lord first obtained the Power Stone in Guardians of the Galaxy. Black Widow and Hawkeye/Ronin head to Vormir in search of the Soul Stone. War Machine and Nebula watch Star Lord dance around as usual, but from the outside it is more funny than as cool as he seems to himself. They knock him out, and Nebula grabs the Power Stone while burning her arm.

During this, we see an old version of Thanos, Gamora, and Nebula, as they have just found the location of the first infinity stone. Though something changes, as Nebula has a memory shoot out of her eye that isn’t hers, but the Nebula that is with War Machine and visiting their timeline. Thanos uses this to his advantage, seeing the entirety of the future of what he does. War Machine and Nebula go to time jump back to the current time, but Nebula’s eye sparks out and she cannot jump with him. She realizes Thanos is on to her, but cannot reach anyone before being beamed up to his ship.

Rocket and Thor go to 2013 Asgard, which was surprising due to the fact that nobody ever expected Marvel to revisit the failing of the second Thor movie. Overweight Thor and Rocket argue, as Thor sees his late mother alive again. As Rocket devises the plan and marches towards Jane’s room, he turns to find that Thor is gone. He follows his mother, who then finds him in hiding. Another scene of sadness ensues, as she knows he is from the future and that her fate does not end well. Thor attempts to playoff that he is not from the future, and then admits it very quickly. They share a moment, before we see Rocket getting chased by As-guardians (see what I did there), and he bursts in on Thor and his mothers moment. Before they jump back to current time with the Reality Stone, Thor summons his hammer Mjolnir, which hasn’t been seen since it’s demise in Thor: Ragnarok.

On Vormir, Black Widow and Hawkeye/Ronin realize the sacrifice that must be made to obtain the Soul Stone. In realization that one of them must sacrifice themselves for the stone, they fight, as each of them doesn’t want to see the other one’s death. Hawkeye/Ronin knocks down Black Widow, before making a full sprint and jump off the cliff. It seems as if he will be the one to die, until Black Widow jumps after him and attaches him to the cliff, he grabs onto her arm before they share another sad, heartfelt moment. She then lets go, and Hawkeye/Ronin obtains the Soul Stone without her.

We are then brought back to 1970, where Stark and Rodgers are after the Tesseract and more Pym particles. Stan Lee’s cameo occurs, as he drives past the shield headquarters/army base in an old convertible. Stark goes after the Tesseract, and Rodgers after the Pym particles. After finding, and obtaining the Tesseract, Stark runs into his father, Howard Stark. Calling himself, “Howard Potts”, he has a moment like Thor and his mother, giving closure to the tough relationship they had in Stark’s life. Young Howard Stark’s worries about his soon to be fatherhood to what would be Tony Stark, mirrors Tony’s worries about being a father to his daughter. While this happens, Rodgers fake-calls a de-aged Hank Pym, to draw him out of his lab. He steals the Pym particles, and makes a break for it. When his cover is blown, he hides in what is Peggy Carter (his former lover’s) office. He sees her, but does not interact with her and goes to meet with Tony.

Everyone returns to Avengers HQ, excluding Black Widow and Nebula. Old-Nebula uses current Nebula’s headpiece to disguise herself and acts as her current self.  Black Widow is mourned, before Stark then creates an “Iron Gauntlet”, for Professor Hulk to re-snap everyone. During the moment before the snap, old-Nebula uses the time machine to bring Thanos, his giant ship, and his army to current time earth. Professor Hulk snaps, and we see a beautiful moment of Hawkeye/Ronin receiving a call from his wife, and Ant Man seeing birds outside. The beauty is instantly ruined, as Thanos’s ships bombards the Avengers HQ to dust.

How anyone survived this, I don’t know, but it’s an Avengers movie. Hawkeye/Ronin is left with the gauntlet, while Professor Hulk, War Machine, and Rocket are trapped in a area that is flooding. Stark, Rodgers, and Thor are get out of their rubble, and go to meet Thanos. Thanos sits and waits, ordering Nebula and his “blood-hounds” to get the gauntlet. Ant Man then goes to save the trio that is trapped and flooding, jumping in and out of his normal and small size.

Hawkeye/Ronin has an exciting, on the run scene from the blood-hounds where he showcases his ability with the bow and arrow. He runs into old-Nebula, posing as current-Nebula, before old-Gamora arrives with current-Nebula to save the day, confusing right? He unknowingly gives old-Nebula the gauntlet before they arrive, leading to current-Nebula shooting old-Nebula and getting the gauntlet.

Battle scene number one begins, as Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor all battle Thanos. They are clearly rusty, and do not combine well together in battling Thanos. Thanos nearly does what Thor did to him with Stormbreaker in Infinity War, attempting to stab him in the chest with the weapon. But Mjolnir flies by and knocks Thanos off Thor, and into Captain America’s hand. This was one of the best moments in the movie, alluding back to the original Avengers movie where Captain America attempted to lift his hammer. Thor exclaims “I knew it!”, before Captain America beats down Thanos with the hammer.

Thanos gets a beatdown from Captain America, before overwhelming him and nearly breaking all of his shield. He is left bloody, tired, and beaten, but stands alone against Thanos and the army he has summoned. The battle looks over, as one Captain America against hundreds cannot possibly win. But all was not lost, as “Cap it’s Sam can you hear me? On your left” is heard over his communicator, and a portal appears.

The best moment in Marvel cinematic history goes down, as Dr. Strange magical portals open up all over the battlefield, the first one being Black Panther and his Wakandan army. The moment between the Black Panther and a beaten down Captain America is beautiful, as all seemed lost, they have truly won in bringing everyone back. Every character that was dusted by the original snap appears, Spider-Man, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Bucky, Falcon, Dr. Strange, and more. Ant-Man turns large, and brings Hulk, War Machine, and Rocket to the surface. They are joined by armies of Asgardians, magicians, every single heroic character imaginable before the greatest battle in the history of the MCU, followed up by the most iconic line in MCU history by Captain America, “Avengers… Assemble!”

And then it begins, the all-out war between evey MCU hero out there and Thanos. Ant-Man in massive form punches a ship down, Iron Man and Pepper Potts in her Rescue suit share a backs against each other scene, while Captain America and Thor share a hysterical moment mid-fight over who gets to use which hammer with Thor telling him, “No you give me that, you get the little one.”

Spider-Man saves Iron Man from getting stomped on, and they share a heartfelt moment. Peter Quill aka Starlord meets old-Gamora, not knowing it’s old-Gamora. She comedically kicks him where it hurts, saying to Nebula “This is the one? Seriously”, to which she responds, “The choices were him, or a tree.” The little comedic moments mid-battle is what truly made gave this movie something unique.

Iron Man runs into Dr. Strange, questioning him about the odds of their success that were said in Infinity War, Strange tells him if he tells him if it so, then it cannot happen. Ant Man and the Wasp go to the van with his time machine to get it working, while Hawkeye/Ronin is on the run with the gauntlet. He hands it off to Black Panther, who has an intense on the run fight.

Wanda aka Scarlett Witch runs into Thanos, overpowering him with her magic. Black Panther is thrown into the air by Thanos’ minion, who tosses the gauntlet up to Spider-Man swinging by. He finally activates “Instant-Kill”, which was accidentally triggered in his solo movie, using it to fight off Thanos’ warriors. Scarlett Witch nearly beats Thanos, before he orders his massive ship to fire again on the battle. The bombing causes Dr. Strange to use his magic to hold off the water from flooding into the battlefield, and many to take cover.

Spider-Man is nearly overpowered, before web-slinging onto Mjolnir which was thrown by Captain America. Potts then catches him, and he is then thrown to Valkyrie. He is hit a blast, and several Avengers are nearly hit as well. Peter Parker aka Spider-Man lays on the ground with the gauntlet in fear, and then bombarding suddenly stops, and the ship aims into the sky. It begins shooting, and Captain Marvel enters the battle, flying straight through Thanos’ massive ship.

She flies down to Spider-Man, taking the gauntlet. He offers his help, before the female heroes all come together, significantly out-doing the all-female hero battle in Infinity War. Captain Marvel nearly makes it to the quantum realm machine in the back of Ant Man’s van, but Thanos throws his sword into it, causing it to explode and shoot her back.

The gauntlet lays on the ground, with Iron Man and Thanos making a break for it. Thanos throws Iron Man away, but Thor and Captain America hold him off. Thor uses Stormbreaker and Mjolnir to hold off the Mad Titan, but he overwhelms both of them.

He grabs the gauntlet, but Captain Marvel arrives and fights him. He throws her away and puts the gauntlet on. He goes to snap, but she flies back in and holds his fingers apart. The power and strength of Captain Marvel is shown, as Thanos headbutts her and she doesn’t even flinch. Thanos proceeds to take the power stone out of the gauntlet, and punches her with it which sends her flying.

Strange and Iron Man lock eyes, and Strange holds up one finger, alluding to the 1 in 14 million chance they had of winning. Iron Man tries to take the gauntlet from Thanos, who throws him away. Thanos says, “I am inevitable” and snaps his fingers, but nothing happens. The camera cuts to Iron Man, who switched gauntlets, who says “and I am Iron Man”, and snaps.

Thanos’s army begins to dust, like in Infinity War. We see how powerful Thanos truly was, as he is the last of his army to turn to dust as the camera zooms on his face before he fades to nothing. Iron Man, nearly dead from what the snap did to his body, lays on the ground. He is first met by War Machine, then Parker/Spider-Man. He tells him “we won Mr. Stark. We won. We did it, you did it.” If you weren’t already in tears, he is then met by his wife, Potts. She tells him he can rest now, alluding to the moment in their home earlier in the film. In this moment every Marvel fan broke into tears, as the 11-year cinematic universe that started with Tony Stark as Iron Man, ended with the death of Tony Stark as Iron Man. The silence and beauty of the heartbreaking moment truly brought out the full emotion of this scene.

The movie then shows Barton returning home to his un-dusted family, Parker returning to his school and meeting back with his best friend, Lang with the Wasp and his daughter enjoying fireworks, and King T’Challa standing over Wakanda. All of this is narrated over by Stark, who’s hologram message is being played in his home before his funeral. He says “Everybody wants a happy ending, right, but it doesn’t always roll that way. Maybe this time, I’m hoping if you play this back, it’s in celebration. I hope families are reunited, I hope we get it back and something like a normal version of the planet has been restored, if there ever was such a thing. God what a world, universe now. If you told me ten years ago that we weren’t alone, let alone to this extent, I mean I wouldn’t have been surprised but c’mon who knew that epic forces and darkness and light that have come into play and for better of worse that’s the reality Morgan’s gonna have to find a way to grow up in. So I thought I’d probably record a little greeting, in the case of an untimely death, on my part, I mean not that death at any time isn’t untimely. This time travel thing that we’re gonna try and pull off tomorrow it’s got me scratching my head about this survivability component. Then again that’s the hero gig, apart of the journey is the end. What am I even trippin’ for, everything’s gonna work out exactly the way it’s supposed to, I love you 3000.” The quote that shook the entire theater, my heart, my entire soul. The way that Robert Downey Jr. embodied the character Tony Stark and Iron Man through every film was astounding, but this movie was the peak performance of his character. The line “I love you 3000” will be quoted for years after this film.

Then the funeral begins, the arc reactor that was given to Stark that says “Proof that Tony Stark has a heart” is among flowers and other things on a wooden raft that is being sailed into the lake that his house is near. The camera pans to those attending the funeral, from Potts, his daughter, Rhodes, Happy, Rodgers, Parker, Thor, Professor Hulk, Dr. Strange, the Guardians, Ant Man and the Wasp, T’Challa, Bucky, Barton, Wanda, Sam, Agents of Shield, Captain Marvel, Nick Fury, and an unfamiliar child. The random teenager that had many diehard fans in question of who he was, was later identified as the child that Stark met in Iron Man 3, helping him get over his PTSD and become Iron Man once again.

Heartfelt moments are shared between Barton and Wanda over who was lost, Stark’s bodyguard Happy and Stark’s daughter Morgan who tells him she’s hungry and wants cheeseburgers. Happy tells her how much her father loved cheeseburgers, alluding to the first Iron Man movie, and tells her he will get her all of the cheeseburgers she wants.

Thor stands with Valkyrie over new Asgard, who hands over his leadership to her. He alludes back to his discussion with his late mother, telling her it’s time for him to become who he wants to be instead of who he is expected to be. He joins the Guardians on their ship, sharing a moment of hilarity calling them the “Asgardians of the Galaxy” and having a hilarious argument with Starlord over who is in charge.

The movie cuts back to Starks home, where Professor Hulk has set up the time machine again for Captain America to return the Infinity Stones they took back to where they were taken from. He jumps back in time, and when Hulk goes to bring him back, he doesn’t show. Sam and Bucky look in the distance, seeing an old man on a bench, with what looks like a shield. Sam walks over, and is greeted by a very old Steve Rodgers. He tells Sam he wanted to try some of that life Tony was talking about, and gives him his Captain America shield. They shake hands, and we see his hand with a wedding band on his finger. We are then brought back to Peggy Carter’s home, where Rodgers returned to, and they are dancing to the song that was playing when Fury originally met Rodgers.

Anthony and Joe Russo truly outdid themselves with this film. Endgame truly brought and end to the original Avengers, ending every storyline in a beautiful and perfect way. The way that every character was included, but the focus of the movie remained on the original team was incredible. There was no end-credit scene, and rightfully so. When the credits went through each Avenger, showing their signature, standing ovations were given in my theater. No franchise has ever been as successful as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and no franchise will ever compare to the way Endgame finished it off. This movie is one that must be rewatched several times to pick up on every little detail, reference, and easter egg made in the movie.

I don’t know what the future holds for Marvel, other than Spider-Man: Far From Home coming this summer and future Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Captain Marvel movies, but they may never be able to top what they have done from Iron Man to Endgame. The MCU will not be the same without Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Hulk, and Thor (though Thor’s story may not be over). I cannot wait for what Marvel has in the store for the future, and will never forget the 11 years of brilliance that Marvel has just completed.


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