By Zoe Bernardi, Staff Writer

This week’s featured artist is freshman Zhane Cariglia, a studio art major. Her plans to use this degree to venture the video gaming industry. This industry will allow her to use her skills and learn more about digital art. Cariglia would create videogame artwork.

A majority of Cariglia ideas, “tend to come up from out of nowhere at the most random of times.” She explained that she does not have any particular artist that he looks up to. “Most of my inspiration comes from a variety of digital art from random artists that I might see online,” she said.

Rather than looking up to someone who is more established, Cariglia uses the internet to explore different artist who might not be as well-known. Seeing fanmade artwork or video game concept art also helps her own creative process. Once she feels inspired, she enjoys playing around with similar style mediums and techniques.

Cariglia has a unique tool of using an image reference to create a more detailed version of what she is drawing, specifically human figures. Such a tool is helpful when looking at different body postures, position and movement.

She prefers to use photographs to “capture by looking from a reference rather than trying to come up with how it might look in” her head. Cariglia said that she is currently “creating three pieces using acrylic paint and working with the different color schemes,” incorporated in her work.

One of her defining moments as an artist was when he stepped outside her comfort zone to try different art mediums. It allowed her to see her true potential.

When Cariglia realized that she was good at things besides pencil and charcoal drawings, she tried to use other materials. As a result, it opened up “a whole new world of possibilities for future projects,” she said.

She was able to open her eyes to more materials and opportunities for bigger projects. For her own personal experiences with her artwork, Cariglia’s best advice for other artists is to “try new things and go beyond what you’re used to working with.” She said that he always stuck to the same thing and never went outside her comfort zone until recently, when she decided to use acrylic paint and pen.

“Ultimately, you will never know what you’re capable of as an artist unless you try different things,” said Cariglia. “Go beyond what you can and already know how to do with the mediums or material that you have limited yourself to.”


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