By: Hailey Wood and Max Lorber, Staff Writers

Between Gorham and Portland there are many locations for college students to explore in their free time. From shops to restaurants, Westbrook, Scarborough, Portland and Gorham have a lot to offer. Beyond that, students find many creative things to do without going out or spending money.

Amaya Carlin is from Bainbridge, New York and is a freshman at USM. She majors in health sciences and works two jobs; one at Costello Sports Complex and also juggles a part-time job at McDonald’s. When not working on the weekends she likes to explore the Old Port, looking at shops and finding new places to eat. On some weekends Carlin will drive six hours home to visit her family and friends. Her favorite place to eat while in the Portland area is Gilbert’s Chowder House on Commercial Street in the Old Port. When she wants to study she goes to Aroma Joe’s on Main Street in Gorham. Carlin suggests attending school-sponsored activities to meet new people and get a change of scenery.

Bailey Pelletier is a senior majoring in exercise science. Two weeks ago she attended the Maker’s Market at Thompson’s Point in Portland. “I love checking out farmer’s markets, local restaurants, craft breweries, that sort of thing,” she said. “The Maker’s Market was a lot of fun.” To counter the winter blues, she exercises and does yoga indoors. Pelletier also enjoys attending concerts at the State Theater, Empire, and other local bars in the Portland and Westbrook area.

Matthew Wheeler, an exercise science major, likes to go hunting and fishing on the weekends when he’s not with his girlfriend. During the winter he enjoys having a few beers and ice fishing with friends.

Aaron Scheer is graduating this May with a communications degree, then heading to Charleston School of Law. One of his favorite past times is playing ping-pong and pool with friends at Union Station Billiards on St John’s Street in Portland. “It’s a good place to forget about studying for a while, and just have fun,” Scheer said.

Clubs are a great way to meet people and find interesting things to do. Jenna Grossbarth, a junior at USM pursuing an environmental science degree, is president of the Navigators club, and has been involved with the club since her freshman year. The Navigators is an international Christian para-church organization with a branch at USM. They meet together to talk about their faith, and they engage in fun activities like playing games and hiking. Grossbarth is also involved with the Martial Arts Club; she is a blue belt in Jukado. There are many clubs that students can get involved with, and all of them are listed on the USM website

Students work hard to keep up with their grades and pay their bills, but everyone needs to enjoy themselves on the weekends. If you’re looking for more things to do in your free time, hopefully, this article gave you some ideas.


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