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By: Asha Tompkins, Arts and Culture Editor

A superhero with blue food-coloring as blood, Marvel Studios has outdone itself. After the release of Avengers: Infinity War last April, Captain Marvel was released Friday, March 8, with a break-the-box-office opening night of $61 million, according to

Throughout this two hour and four minute feature, Marvel provides us with a significant amount of back-story for the Avengers initiative by revealing what Agent Coulson’s first rodeo was, how Nick Fury got his eye-patch, how the tesseract ended up on Earth and more importantly, where Fury’s pager from the Infinity War came from.

All of these stem from our female heroine, Vers (Brie Larson), who lives on the planet Hala as a part of the Kree, a race of “noble, warrior heroes.” We learn that Vers’s superpower is channeling photons, which came to be after absorbing the energy from a hi-tech plane engine. In the beginning of the movie, Captain Marvel identifies as Vers, however, she endures a number of flashbacks to her life on Earth, also known as “C-53,” as a U.S. Air Force pilot named Carol Danvers. Vers thinks these are mind tricks, but later on, we learn that they are repressed memories.

After an intense battle with the Skrull, her original enemy, she crashlands on C-53, where she meets Agent Fury and his partner Agent Coulson. They meet a house cat that turns out to be an extraterrestrial monster called a Flerken. Along the way, it ingests the tesseract and in an end-credit scene it releases it like a hairball onto Fury’s desk, this is where the chaos of the Avengers originates.

In comparison to actors in other Marvel movies, such as Chris Evans in the Captain America trilogy, Larson’s emotion in the character development felt rushed.

To be fair, the ratio was three Captain America movies to only one Captain Marvel.

It was apparent that Marvel studios needed this movie released as soon as possible in order to bring the upcoming Avengers: Endgame full circle in April of 2019.

These are the key points of the movie besides a few scenes of I-have-cool-powers from Captain Marvel.

Out of all the Marvel movies released yet, this one takes the cake for housing the most disappointing delivery of lines. Even though Captain Marvel is portrayed as a hero confident in her powers, there wasn’t much of a challenge for her since it seemed that every enemy she came in contact with was eradicated almost instantly. This story was certainly focused on her internal conflict.

Overall, Captain Marvel is a necessary piece in the Marvel puzzle and it is a must-watch for any fan of this cinematic universe. We must all look forward to the release of Avengers: Endgame for the return of Captain Marvel and with hopes of better character development.



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