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By Cody Curtis, Staff Writer

Over many years there have been hundreds, if not thousands of horror films released into theaters. At the same time, very few good horror movies have been released. However, Happy Death Day 2 U, which arrived into theaters this past weekend, is not only a great film in the world of horror it is also a ton of fun. Gather your friends together and enjoy a movie that is a combination of Back to the Future 2 and Scream.

After escaping the loop of death in Happy Death Day, Theresa (Jessica Rothe) is ready to begin a happy and normal life with her new boyfriend Carter (Israel Broussard). But death has other plans. When a killer in a baby mask returns and kills Theresa, she must not only discover her killer again, but she needs to protect her fellow classmates as well.

There are many aspects about Happy Death Day 2 U which make it worth a trip to the theater. Number one, returning from the first film is the beautiful and ever talented Jessica Rothe. She not only brings back the snarkiness of Theresa, which made audiences fall in love with her before, but some heartfelt scenes as well. While there is not a lot of tear inducing moments, such as the meeting between Theresa and her father in the first film,, Rothe does an excellent job of getting you on her side once again.

In this film there are many moments that will not only remind audiences of the Back to the Future franchise, but provide the most enjoyment for the audience. Although this film does take some risks it also has many issues, which need to be erased.

All the performances besides Rothe are mediocre at best. No other actor intrigues the audience and no other actor gives the slightest believable performance. The script for the film is also a very abismal as well, the dialogue is not as well constructed or original as the director might have wanted it to be. While the screenplay does allow the film to flow from beginning to end in a pretty seamless way, that does not mean it sounds good. In fact, many times it is almost cringe worthy to listen to.

As with all other theater and movie going, it all comes to the audiences members whether they will head to the movie theater and have an experience, or stay home. While Happy Death Day 2 U may not be perfect, it definitely stands up against several of the more terrible horror films to come out in the past 10 years. The script is a mess and all the other performances, besides Rothe are almost unwatchable, but this film provides something we as audience members sorely need these days, escapism and fun. In today’s world, with the heightened tension and political anger, getting away from life is important now more than ever. So get some friends, or just yourself and go see a film that will hopefully bring a smile to your face.


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