Lauren Kennedy / Director of Photography

By Dionne, Community Editor

With finals fast right around the corner, that means that another Maine summer is fast approaching. In the summer Portland is crawling with tourist and throughout the summer months are filled with different events and festivals.

Maine Comics Arts Festival (MeCAF) June 2, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.  

The MeCAF dates back to 2009, being hosted by Casablanca Comics and held in Portland Public Library. There will be hundreds of artist, cartoonist, and writers showing off their work. There will be a variety of different work spanning from comic book style to news cartoonist. The special thing about the MeCAF is that there are no dealer or businesses, as the festival likes to focus solely on the artist and writers that are putting their work on display.

Pride Portland! June 8 – June 17

Lauren Kennedy / Director of Photography

The growth and accomplishments of the LGBTQ+ community is celebrated with Pride Portland! It is a festival that brings together the community and highlights their accomplishments, and raise awareness to their continued struggles. The festival also promotes activism and advocacy for the community, and a sense of solidarity within the community. There will be food available for purchase and various organizations offering information and promoting themselves.

Old Port Festival, June 10, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

People from all around the country fly into Maine to experience the Old Port Festival, as it’s a staple to Maine’s summer festivals. This year will be marking it’s 45th festival. There will be a large amount of vendors lined up along the crowded city streets, offering food, clothes, arts & craft, and much more. The vendors will be accompanying the four different stages of musical performances and children’s activity area. This puts a spotlight up for local vendors and non-profit organizations to get their names out and promote business, as well as promote a fun day for everyone

Yarmouth Clam Festival, July 20 – 22

Lauren Kennedy / Director of Photography

Another annual festival that drives thousands of tourist to Maine, this year will mark the 53rd annual Yarmouth Clam Festival. Throughout the span of three days there are different events, parades, arts and crafts, a carnival, and food vendors. Each day has a little something different and there is something for everyone of all ages to enjoy, some being a fine arts show and a craft show. The festival also promotes community and gives a spotlight to non-profit organizations.

Maine Lobster Festival, August 1 – 5

Held in Rockland, the Maine Lobster Festival attracts thousands of visitors from different countries. All the money obtained from the festival go back into Maine midcoast communities. Other than there being a lot of lobster, there will also be a variety of vendors, arts and crafts, and entertainment. They will be holding their Great International Lobster Crate Race, where people try to run across as my crates as they can without falling into the water, as well as their seafood cooking contest, where ameteur chefs will compete against one another.


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