William Grubb, Coordinator of Reference & Instruction, USM Libraries

Librarians are rarely thought of as advisors. After all, they don’t guide you down the right academic path toward graduation, but librarians are research advisors and will certainly help guide you to greater success by better understanding information, doing better on your written assignments and probably by reducing your stress level. You just have to ask.

According to a recent study from the Association of College & Research Libraries, titled Documented Library Contributions to Student Learning and Success, students who use the library are significantly more successful in college. It makes sense, right? If you receive help from a research expert on a regular basis you learn how to do research…such as researching a topic for a class or finding and properly citing the best sources for your paper. USM Librarians work side-by-side with trained student writing tutors, too, so once you have found all the best sources for your paper you can schedule a free appointment for guidance in writing it more effectively.

USM Research Librarians can quickly explain how to use the 200+ article databases 75,000 magazines and journals, and 1.5 million UMaine System books that are yours to use on or off-campus. We know it’s a lot, but we are here to help. These are “sources” that the library pays for and would otherwise not be available to you. Google is convenient, but if that’s all you’re using for research then college will be like using a flip phone for your social life. Why not upgrade your academic life by using the library. If you do, the report indicates you will find college to be easier, less time consuming and (maybe) you will be more successful. Just ask for help.

If you have a quick question, that’s fine. Quick and easy works for us. Use our online chat service if you’re at home or just call us.  If your question requires more time the librarian will stick with you for as long as it takes. He/she will help you find the best material quickly and will help you better understand what’s needed to be successful in that assignment.

Our new Student Resources site may help, as well. https://usm.maine.libguides.com/studentresources .  It provides quick access to popular library resources and services for the busy student. Put 780-4272 in your Contacts list. You will be glad you did.


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