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Arts department spring overview

Posted on January 12, 2015 in Arts & Culture
By Krysteana Scribner

Krysteana Scribner | The Free Press

This semester, USM students and staff will be performing and directing a variety of events that are sure to enthrall anyone who attends. From an instrumental concert to a Shakespearean comedy, this spring is full of exciting shows and exhibits that are sure to both educate and entertain its audiences.

1.) Book Arts paper Trail Exhibit:

Rebecca Goodale, a part-time lecturer of arts and coordinator for the Center of Book Arts, suggests that all students attend the Book Arts Paper Trails Exhibit, which is scheduled to be on display from Jan. 26 to April 30. The artwork on display was done by Richard Lee, an important artist and educator in Maine who organized many exhibits and taught paper making at his studio in Brunswick.

“This exhibit is a retrospective of his work, especially his handmade paper, artist’s books and journals,” said Goodale. “The exhibit will show beautiful and inventive forms made from paper pulp that Lee created in his Maine studios.”

Goodale also adds that Lee’s hard work and determination in his career field show through his artwork, and because of that he is an inspiration to students as well as other artists.

2.) Constructing Identity Exhibit:

The second art exhibit planned to be on display is called “Constructing Identity” and features the work of Artist-in-Residence Traci Molloy. Her artwork explores adolescent culture, loss, and violence through photography, digital art, painting and printmaking, and this exhibit will be open from Feb. 23 to May 1.

3.) “Catch Me If You Can”:

The spring musical, “Catch Me If You Can” will be debuting in Russell Hall on Gorham Campus from March 13 to the 22nd. This musical is based on the antics of 1960’s con-man Frank Abagnale, who successfully poses as a doctor, airline pilot and lawyer all while making millions of dollars.

Wil Kilroy, professor of theatre and director of the musical, believes all students should attend this event because of the terrific modern music and fantastic dance numbers featuring stewardesses, pilots, doctors and nurses.

“The cast consists of very talented USM students, from both the theatre major and the musical theatre major,” said Kilroy. “The rights for this show recently became available, so it’s a chance to see this Broadway hit here in Maine!”

4.) “As You Like It”:

The Theatre department will also be performing the play, “As You Like It” which is a Shakespearean comedy featuring American Sign Language shadow-signing and will be showing from April 17 to the 26. Assunta Kent, associate professor at USM said this play is as unique as it is comical.

“Every actor has an individual shadowing them throughout the play, interpreting what they say in sign language,” said Kent. “I have been waiting for the right moment to do this and it’s exciting to finally get the chance to have a performance like this at USM.”

5.) USM Composer Ensemble:

Later in the semester, USM’s Music Department will be hosting a variety of concerts the showcases both faculty and student work. The first concert series features the USM composers Ensemble, who will be performing for their ten year anniversary on April 17.

“I believe it is a worthwhile event because of its uniqueness, because of the quality of the music and also because of its relevance,” said Daniel Sonenberg, associate professor and resident composer at USM. “This is all music of today made by musicians responding to their world and the circumstances of their lives.”

All music is created and performed by students, and all members of the ensemble perform. Their high quality performance is backed by multiple rehearsals, hard work and dedication to their passion for music. The concert itself will include original work by alumni composers.

“The USM Composers Ensemble is a unique ensemble, not just in Maine but in the country,” said Sonenberg. “For the 10th Anniversary concert, we are inviting alumni composers to submit short pieces to be performed by the group, which will give a sense of the breadth of accomplishment through the years,” said Sonenberg.

6.) Opera Workshop Showcase:

On April 25, the Music Department will also host a opera workshop showcase, which will have students perform an opera Scene from a fully staged production of the comedic opera “Iolanthe”.

With so much going on throughout the semester, students and staff alike are welcome to attend any event that peaks their interest.

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