There is only one week until finals, the weather is better than it has been in months and it’s becoming more and more difficult to concentrate on schoolwork, but guess what, we made it.

We know, we know – it’s cheesy, but it’s true. Looking at the front of the paper this week, you’ll see little cartoon people running up and down stairs, parachuting from picture to picture and jumping to avoid falling through the cracks. The paper’s front page this week isn’t just a recounting of this year. It’s a testament to the obstacles and successes we’ve had this year.

No denying it, we’ve felt like we were running an obstacle course from time to time this year. Starting the year off with no more than three returning staff, with little to no training, we really had no idea what we were doing, and now, when we look back on some of our first issues, we laugh at the awkward layout, the typos and the poorly written ledes. There were those nights, at 3 a.m. hunched over a news desk littered with red-marked proofs, when we felt like we couldn’t do it anymore, and getting up the next morning for that 8 a.m. budget meeting was like trying to wake up the dead. There were those weeks when the only way we could get sustenance was by squirting some Tabasco on a three-day-old slice of pizza before running out the door.

But somehow, we did it. Somehow, we managed to end the year on a note of success, and we’re hoping that you did, too. Despite all of the ups and downs, the twists and turns, we all learned something. We learned not to eat the pizza after five days, not to put that story off until the last minute, not to lose our notes. We learned that we can accomplish something meaningful. It’s been a pleasure bringing you the news, USM.



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