A&C Recommends: Garbage to Garden


Take some time on Earth Day to talk to a Garbage to Garden representative set-up at a Portland cafe. They’ll be tabling throughout Portland to distribute information on how people can help clean up the earth through their program.

Garbage to Garden is a fast growing local company that aims to change the way we deal with food waste, and the process starts with a single white bucket.

The organization does this by taking local food waste weekly and returning with nutrient rich compost. This process has enormous benefits to the environment while remaining cost effective. Recycling in this manner reduces pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, all while helping local gardeners by providing compost. This helps gardens grow greener than ever, and the process is incredibly easy.

Sophomore biology major and Garbage to Garden customer Nate Baril said “I’ve just gotten used to the compost bucket being a staple in my kitchen. It’s cleaned and returned weekly – the process is effortless.”

Composting is simple and easy. Anything organic or food related can be composted including coffee grounds, vegetables, meat, dairy and bones. Through a lengthy heating process, the organic waste will decay and leave nothing but a dark, odorless soil that’s perfect for plants. “The compost gets used to grow food, flowers, trees and all kinds of things,” said Sable Sanborn the vice president of Garbage to Garden.

On Earth Day their goal is to distribute their new “eco bags” and compostable coffee cups as well as to teach people of the benefits of composting. Sanborn believes that community involvement is key in creating a cleaner environment.

“We encourage volunteering and help all kinds of projects (community gardens, food drives, cleanups, etc). It’s important because we are really helping people and the planet,” said Sanborn.

You can also catch Garbage to Garden at Bayside Bowl on April 22 for a fundraiser for one of their partner organizations, the Surfrider Foundation, that works to keep the beaches of southern Maine clean.

“Our events are great ways for the community to get involved, have fun and learn about composting,” said Sanborn.

This Earth Day you can celebrate by helping take steps toward a cleaner planet. Eleven dollars a month gets you a membership for the Garbage to Garden program that includes one six-gallon bucket, cleaning services and deliveries of ready-to-use compost. Deliveries are made weekly, and signing up online takes five minutes. Garbage to Garden requires little effort for a huge positive environmental impact.

More info at: www.garbagetogarden.org


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