1.) Silly’s

While Silly’s isn’t an exclusively vegan restaurant, it made the list because it’s a local gem and one of the best places to get well-prepared falafel. Silly’s has been delighting customers since 2002 with a fun, homey atmosphere that really captures the essence of Portland, and they’ve been winning awards along the way. Silly’s has won 17 local taste awards in several newspapers around Portland, many for their signature Abdullah wraps. These wraps feature some quirky names, but order a SlyGuy, or a Zoomazoom and you won’t be disappointed. Those wraps include delectable vegan treats like spicy hummus with roasted red peppers and grilled eggplant. And every single item on the menu is cooked in house, so it’s guaranteed fresh. Did I mention they sell yo-yos? This place has it all. 40 Washington Ave.

2.) Green Elephant Bistro

Proving that a vegan dish never has to be bland or boring, but can be bold and inventive, the Green Elephant Bistro’s menu is full of flavor. The food offered here is unique and exotic while keeping its ingredients organic and gluten free. The menu is all vegan with an Asian influence, so expect some bold flavor with your veggies. The most popular of these dishes includes an Indian style flatbread with spicy curry dip, crispy tofu stir fry and Thai rice noodles with broccoli. Fresh herbs and ingredients like lemongrass, ginger and tamari are used in many of the bistro’s nutritious meals. So if you’re looking for a flavorful meal with ingredients you’d never think to combine, check out the Green Elephant Bistro. 608 Congress St.

3.) Local Sprouts

Local Sprouts is a vegan heaven. Serving simple, creative dishes using produce solely harvested from Maine farms, it’s become a paradise for veggie lovers. From the bread and the soup to the beer and wine, this place has local organic ingredients. The most popular dishes include Maine potato and veggie home fries for breakfast and Rob’s Vegan Moonburger for lunch. Local Sprouts is community-driven and supported. Anyone can be a member and influence the menu. And yes there is Wi-Fi, so it’s student friendly. 649 Congress St.

4.) Little Lad’s

You’ve never had popcorn like this before. Little Lad’s herbal popcorn is as addictive as it is nutritious. Trading unhealthy amounts of butter and salt for herbs, soybean oil and essential B vitamins, Little Lad’s has crafted the perfect healthy snack. The lunch buffet offers a lot of food for the affordable price of five bucks. You can fill a plate and a bowl from a wide variety of vegan entrees. These meals include tasty options like lasagna, quiche, shepherd’s pie, rice, pasta and burritos. Wholesome food in large portions awaits anyone who checks out this café. Word of advice, try the almond butter. 482 Congress St.

5.) Kamasouptra

Kamasouptra’s strengths lie in a very friendly staff and expertly cooked soups.  Kamasouptra rotates its soup choices daily, so the menu is always changing. This gives you a chance to try all of the flavorful combinations. And Kamasouptra knows how to compliment a meal by offering warm, crispy gluten free rolls and cookies.  Come see why Kamasouptra was voted “Best Soup in Portland” by the Portland Phoenix two years in a row.  28 Monument Square.


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