What’s a better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than a multicultural fashion show?

Women Around the World, a non-profit organization that aims to improve the lives of women locally and globally, will be hosting their 4th annual International Women’s Day Fashion Show at the Maine Irish Heritage Center on Friday. International Women’s Day is a holiday created to help bring women together from all nations and celebrate their diversity and culture. Ngoy believes her fashion show is a great way to express that in Portland.

“I want to get young people excited about their international heritage. My fashion show is a great way for women to embrace their culture by wearing traditional outfits from their country,” said organizer Adele Ngoy, a local fashion designer and Congolese immigrant.

Ngoy is coordinating the entire event. She is definitely up to the task of putting together the event, as she has many years of experience planning similar events to celebrate women while she was still living in the Congo.

Women from all over the world are coming to participate in the show. Since the event started in 2010, more and more people have been participating, with a variety of cultures being represented. Ngoy says that between 200-250 women are expected to display different worldwide fashions during the event. These include women from the Congo, Russia, Austria, Germany and Australia, just to name a few.

“We host women from all over the world,” said Ngoy. “We keep coming back to the Maine Irish Heritage Center because it’s the biggest place to accommodate all of our participants.”

The fashion show will feature live music, dancing and food, too. The money from ticket sales will be used to help international women living around Portland.

“I used to be a refugee, and the proceeds are going to other refugees and immigrants, to help them with the transitional problems I too once faced,” said Ngoy.

Ngoy is looking to raise awareness of different cultures, and help people recognize March 8 as a holiday dedicated to international women.

Tickets are $15 and will be sold at the door before the show. More information can be found on the Women Around the World Facebook page and on the official site of the Maine Irish Heritage Center.


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