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Petition with signatures calling for no-confidence vote released [DOCUMENT]

Posted on April 05, 2012 in News
By Paul Koenig

A group of senior members of the University of Southern Maine faculty gathered 53 signatures — roughly 15 percent of faculty at USM — from full, tenured faculty over the last week and a half, triggering a faculty-wide referendum for a no-confidence vote in USM President Selma Botman.

The petition was drawn up three or four weeks ago, said signer and physics professor Jerry LaSala, partly in response to a survey conducted by the faculty union that showed significant amounts of discontent among faculty regarding the administration and USM’s academic reorganization approved in May 2010 by the University of Maine System Board of Trustees.

“We’ve come to the conclusion that this is a chronic and apparently unchangeable solution,” LaSala said.

Below is the petition and the signers, obtained by The Free Press from the Faculty Senate Blackboard site.


College Breakdown of Signers

College of Management and Human Services: 18

College of Science Technology and Health: 15

College of Arts, Humanities and Science: 15

Lewiston Auburn College: 4

Russell Scholars Program: 1




Jerry LaSala CSTH
Mark Lapping CMHS
Luisa Deprez CAHS
William Steele CAHS
F.C. McGrath CAHS
Kate Forhan CMHS
Louis Gainey Jr. CSTH
Kenneth Weber CSTH
Michael Mazurkiewicz CSTH
Bruce Clary CMHS
Henry Tracy CSTH
Irwin Novak CSTH
Stephen Pollock CSTH
William Gayton CSTH
Carol Nemeroff LAC
Lynne Miller CMHS
Joseph Capelluti CMHS
Eve Raimon CAHS
Peter Aicher CAHS
Charles Weth CSTH
Bill Thornton CSTH
Joel Gold CMHS
George Violette CMHS
Ardis Cameron CAHS
Robert Sanford CSTH
James Shaffer CMHS
John Voyer CMHS
Wayne Cowart CSTH
James Messerschmidt CAHS
David Wagner CMHS
Lydia Savage CMHS
Judy Shepard-Kegl CSTH
Thomas Power CAHS
Scott Brown CSTH
Bruce Roberts CAHS
Susan Feinder CAHS
Piers Beirne CAHS
Jan Hitchcock LAC
Marvin Druker LAC
Jack Kartez CMHS
Susan Fineran CMHS
Tara Healy CMHS
Nancy Gish CAHS
Michael Hamilton CAHS
Charles Colgan CMHS
Matthew Edney CMHS
Roxie Black LAC
Barbara Fraumeni CMHS
George Caffentzis CAHS
Dana McDaniel CSTH
Vincent Faherty CMHS
Charles Kading CAHS
Stephen Romanoff RSP


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