Hello USM Friends,

I am a student and, of my own accord, I am sending this message to speak out in support of our president, Selma Botman. As a student leader, I have spent a lot of time with President Botman — having conversations about what students want and need and making USM a better place together. She has been incredibly receptive and student-centered, and I couldn’t imagine working with a better president to improve our home.

I am not qualified to speak on the fiscal issues that our university is facing, nor am I qualified to suggest a better way to compensate our incredible employees here at USM. I am not sending this message to agree or disagree with the decisions that were made regarding employee compensation.

I am sending this message because the actions that are being taken to further disband our university are hurting USM and its students. I need to stand up and defend the students because this turmoil is disheartening and demoralizing them — it is weakening USM as a whole. Attempting to have our president removed from office will not fix any of the problems we have here — it will make them worse. We cannot follow a path of “no confidence” because it will inevitably destroy everything we love about USM.

In tough times we cannot faction off our community. It is absolutely imperative that we all stand together. This means faculty, staff, administration and students as one — no more factions. The students need a strong unified university to be a part of; I know this seems impossible, but I challenge you all to work towards this goal.

I challenge you to make OUR University better in a positive way, not a destructive one.


Your friend,

Chris Camire

Student Body President


  1. Chris,
    While I respect your right to state your opinion, you do NOT represent he views of all the students and to pretend you writenas individual and then sign this letter as the Student Body Presidents is misleading. The senior faculty who signed this petition have results of a faculty survey with an overwhelming response. I have spoken to many students who have expressed support for the faculty petitioning for a vote. Where is your evidence that students are demoralized or disheartened? Where is your evdience that an act of faculty governance and democracy is tearing apart the university? The faculty who signed the peitition did so with deep knowledge of USM, a deep concern for our university, and a desire to allow all faculty a confidential vote. Dissent is part of governance and democracy and is not factioning our community.
    Lydia Savage
    Professor and signatory to petition


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