The Free Press is currently hiring a new Multimedia Editor for this semester.

This is an awesome opportunity for someone interested in photo and video to expand his or her portfolio and get some great experience. The editor is paid a stipend every two weeks, and you don’t need work-study funds. You’ll be taking some photos and videos, but the amount will depend on how well you work with the photo and video staff to get assignments done.

We’re looking for a hard-working, self-motivated student interested in telling stories with visual media. You don’t need to have a ton of experience in both photo and video, but you should be able handle your own behind a lens of some kind. We would prefer someone able to stay on for next year as well, but seniors are still encouraged to apply.

The deadline for applications is Friday, March 23. That’s a week and two days from now. Email your resume and samples of your work (photos and/or videos) to [email protected]

You’ve got to be a current USM student enrolled in at least three credit hours. The full description is below.

Job Description:

1.The Multimedia Editor is responsible for providing photographs, video, as well as other forms of media for the other editors as requested, as well as producing content independent of the other editors.

2.The Multimedia Editor is responsible for maintaining photography and video equipment and ensuring that equipment problems are immediately referred to the adviser.

3.The Multimedia Editor is responsible for setting up training program for the photography and video staff: assisting with technical and aesthetic requirements; and supervising the multimedia staff by assigning work and ensuring its prompt return and quality.

4.The Multimedia Editor is responsible for maintaining a digital file of both published and unpublished photographs and video, filed by name and date of the assignment.

5.The Multimedia Editor is responsible for staying on the cutting edge of all other forms of media, besides print, as they pertain to the newspaper.

6.The Multimedia Editor is responsible for posting videos and photo slide shows stories on social media platforms as well as The Free Press website.


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