Chris Camire has announced that he will not seek another term as student body president, all but handing the position to current Board of Student Organizations President TJ Williams, the only other candidate currently in the race.

Camire said he dropped out of the race in part because he’s in the running for the student trustee to the Board of Trustees, along with representatives of the six other University of Maine System schools. The term of the current student trustee, Ben Goodman of the University of Maine, ends March. 23, unless the next student trustee has not yet been picked. Gov. Paul LePage will appoint the position, but Camire said he’s unsure when the decision will be made.

Camire, a sophomore technology management major, added he is engaged to be married in August and wishes to dedicate himself to school and supporting a family.

“If I were going to be elected again, I would want to be able to give my time completely,” Camire said. “I’m going to be needing to work a lot to earn a living and support a family. A family of two but still a family.”

Camire said his year thus far as student body president has been rewarding but stressful, and that he was relieved to be able to step down after the end of the school year.

“I’ve been trying my best to do my job, and a lot of people have told me I’m doing a great job. But a lot of people have told me I’m doing a terrible job too,” he said.

Camire said he will focus on school, work and planning for a political career after college.


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