The faculty senate debated the possibility of adding an international component to the core curriculum at their Friday meeting in the Hastings Formal Lounge in Gorham.

The Core Curriculum Committee discussed the addition of an international component to give students increased exposure to other cultures. The committee is concerned that students could graduate without getting the perspective that studying foreign nations provides.

Other faculty said their students are already required to complete over 120 credits to graduate and adding these courses would only extend the credit hours required. Those in support of the measure cited a desire to add diversity to the core curriculum by retooling current core classes and refreshing the material.


  1. Not a core for American history or the constitution or the United States role in helping other nations but rather a core class to “increase exposure to other nations” as if we’re all stupid and don’t know that there are other cultures around the world different than ours. How about amping up the quality of the classes we already have instead of adding new classes that don’t get us anywhere.

  2. Adding this class to the core absurd. There is so much pressure on the teachings of cultural diversity and political correctness that it has become so over done that people are getting bored with the topic. Instead of placing the focus on increasing exposure to other nations, why not teach students the importance of interpersonal relations for people of all cultures including our own!!!


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