Brooks Student Center

If you live on the Gorham campus, without a doubt you’ve been here. It’s where you go to eat, whether it’s three in the afternoon or 11 at night. But don’t forget, the BSC is also home to a variety of events. There’s Tuesday Night Trivia at 7 p.m. every week, with a different theme, and the “Thirsty Thursday” event series at 9 p.m. every week, offering something new to do (and sometimes off-campus). In the coming weeks, there’s Go-Karting at Victory Lanes in Portland and then the ThinkFast game show with a $200 cash prize. Jason Saucier, coordinator of co-curricular development, has started a weekly roleplaying night on Friday with games like Dungeons & Dragons. Dylan Shane, music chair of the Gorham Events Board, is hoping to start a monthly student band showcase. If you want to play, e-mail him at [email protected]. Greg Cavanaugh, program manager for Campus Wide Activities, hopes to hold some food-oriented events in the near future. Think “Iron Chef.”

For any downtime you have during the day, you can always borrow a board game from the Husky Hut, sign out the Xbox 360 with a full Rock Band setup from the CIA office, or play some ping-pong with some help from the aforementioned office.

Bailey Hall

Though primarily an academic building, Greg Cavanaugh says that Campus Wide Events is hoping to hold a weekly movie night at Bailey 10, the lecture room where the Husky Film Festival is held at the end of every semester. You can also capture some gorgeous sunsets in the back from the third floor.

Art Gallery

The building’s age is an attraction in itself (approximately 182 years), but what’s inside is the real treat. Sept. 24 begins the Turtle/Television Island exhibit which combines the multimedia art of James Luna, a member of the Puyoukitchum tribe from California, and Wabanaki birch bark artifacts and other objects from ssipsis, a member of the Penobscot tribe from Maine.

Corthell Hall

Non-music students may not be able to use the practice rooms, but there are still enough events for everyone on campus and beyond. Just as usual, USM’s School of Music has plenty to offer from their now-annual Old-Fashioned Outdoor Concert on Sept. 25 and Wind Ensemble concert on Oct. 31 to performances by solo pianist Laura Kargul playing music by Chopin and Schumann on Oct. 1 and Oct. 3 and The Portland Wind Trio playing Bach, Tomasi and Dubois on Nov. 5. On Sept. 25, James Luna of the Puyoukitchum tribe will combine multimedia and performance art to tell stories about the misconceptions of ethnicity in America with Wabanaki drummers and dancers accompanying him. If you’re ever outside, take a seat and enjoy the mishmash of instruments and voices.

Russell Hall

If you’re looking for drama and finesse, Russell Hall can provide. It’s the home of USM’s Theater Department, and every semester they hold two to three major productions on the Main Stage, along with smaller productions in Russell’s tiny, yet intimate “Black Box” room. On the schedule so far is Ken Ludwig’s “Lend Me A Tenor,” a comedy originally produced for the West End in London and Broadway, with performances stretching from Oct. 8 to Oct. 17, and Harold Pinter’s “Betrayal,” which is considered one of his major works, with performances from Nov. 12 to Nov. 21. For non-theater majors who wish to partake, inquire about SPA, the Student Performing Artists group.

St. Joe’s Coffee

Having opened only a month ago where the Tree House Cafe used to be, St. Joe’s has already made a strong impression with their homemade donuts and “Bennies.” For those wondering, a Bennie is a bite-sized piece of fried dough, smothered in powdered sugar, coming in sizes of four, eight and twelve, and served with a dipping sauce. Owner Jason Miller hopes for St. Joe’s to become a regular hangout spot for students in the future and plans a series of gimmicks such as the “2-5 revitalize” and the “Hot Lunch.” He also hopes to hold open mic events and an art gallery in the future.

Thatcher’s Restaurant & Sports Pub

If you want a regular spot for drinking and good times, Thatcher’s is one of the few restaurant-pubs within proximity of the campus. On Mondays get tall drinks for the price of a small and Wednesdays ladies get $5 margaritas and cosmos. Luckily for those under age, there is still plenty to do from playing on the Big Buck Hunter arcade cabinet to playing Wii Sports and darts. Also on Thursday nights, anyone present has a chance of winning a 32” LCD TV.

Art Guru

It’s the Mecca for art students seeking their treasured supplies, but it’s also a neat store in general with plenty of knick-knacks, postcards and other goodies for anyone’s amusement.

Gorham Grind

Undoubtedly a staple for many Gorham and campus residents, Gorham Grind offers a cozy, relaxing spot with a wide range of coffees, baked goods, homemade vegetarian soups, and eight flavors of Gifford’s hard-serve ice cream. Though their open mic events were shut down by a conflict with music licensing companies, owner Carson Lynch hopes to bring something similar back soon with original and public domain music. There is also an art gallery and free Wi-Fi.

The Bookworm

If you tire of corporate literary environments, The Bookworm is a nice change of pace. Packed with new and used books from wall to wall, this little book store is often overlooked among other local amusements. Did I mention the staff is friendly, too?

Integrated Performance

Above the R.O.O.T.S. Enrichment Center lies Integrated Performance, a private fitness studio with a focus in “sports performance, strength and conditioning, weight loss, injury prevention/rehabilitation, self defense, meditation and eastern healing arts.” According to owner Kelcey Hart, they also plan on showing movies in their regal and exotic workout room. Expect a combination of socially-conscious documentaries and kung-fu flicks.



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