Oct. 2

A neighbor of some USM students living on State Street in Gorham complained that the students were on their lawn with beer bottles and rolling around on the ground.

A homeless person was drinking in the parking lot of Portland Hall.

Oct. 3

There was a complaint of a male subject walking by Russell Hall carrying a bottle containing urine.

Oct. 4

A white male, six feet tall with white hair tried to steal the purse of a woman while she was on the sixth floor of the Glickman Library. The subject threw the purse down and ran when she caught him. Nothing was missing from the purse.

A female custodian for Upton Hastings Hall found obscenities written in marker on the shower wall of the third floor women’s bathroom.

A woman reported that last week while in the parking lot of the Portland Campus she walked by a car with a man in it and once she walked by he got out of his car and followed her. Once the complainant reached her vehicle the man stopped and went back to his car.

A male subject was standing in the middle of Falmouth Street talking on a cell phone. The complainant had to drive around the subject. The subject gave the complainant a strange look.

Oct. 5

A person complained that a VIP bus driver was not following protocol in using handicap loading and unloading procedures. The owner of VIP was notified of this and advised the driver to get closer to the curb next time.

Tampons were stolen from the third floor ladies room in Science Building as well as $1.25 from the unlocked machine.

Oct. 6

Prescription drugs were stolen from a room in Portland Hall.

Oct. 7

A laptop computer was stolen from room 156 in the Science Building. The computer was worth $2,200.

There was a strong smell of marijuana on the fifth floor of Dickey Hall. The person in question with the smell was spoken to and written up by an RA.

Oct. 8

A resident of Upton Hastings Hall was issued a summons for possession of drug paraphernalia.

A female consuming a can of beer in the smoking area of Upton Hastings Hall was issued a summons for possession of alcohol by a minor.

A fraternity gathered around the flagpole in parking lot G-8 was heard shouting an unusually graphic song.

There was a complaint of a confused deer behind Bailey Hall. The deer was OK and proceeded on his way.

An elevator repairman was stuck in the elevator of the Science Building.

Oct. 9

A request for an officer at the soccer field in Gorham was made because of unruly players and parents.

It was believed that someone urinated in the elevator of Dickey Wood Hall. Upon clean up it was thought only to be water.

Oct. 10

An on-air disk jockey at WMPG heard the doorbell ring and upon answering it a male subject barged in yelling and then hit the DJ in the head several times.

A bag of marijuana was found in the second floor men’s bathroom of Robie Andrews Hall.


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