Sara Ehram


Music Education

Year: Senior

Where are you from?

Milton Mass.

What brought you to USM?

I was recruited by a violin teacher who’s no longer here.

Are you living on or off campus?

I live off-campus in Gorham.

How do you like apartment life?

It’s awesome, I love it. This is my second year living off- campus.

Do you have a favorite color?

Purple. I’m excited, because today is the first day I can wear my purple pea coat.

What is your favorite thing in your apartment?

My bed! If my violin lived at home, it would be my favorite, but it lives at school.

What do you do outside of class and violin playing?

I do lots of arts and crafts, like Origami. I love water aerobics and swimming laps and hanging out with my awesome friends. I also fix

violin bows.

Rehairing and stuff like that?

Yup. I also recambre wood bows, which is straightening them out if they’re warped. It’s my hobby and my only job. I’ve fixed some bows for the University.

Are you in any student organizations?

I’m in the MENC, which is the Music Educator’s National Conference. I’m also in USM Hillel, but that group is pretty much non-existent this year because there isn’t much of a Jewish Community at USM.

Do you have any plans for after college?

Hopefully I’ll get a teaching position for a couple years and then go back to grad school. Unless I open an instrument repair shop or something like that.

Who was your violin made by?

E.W. BeeBee. He’s from Michigan and my violin is about 100 years old. It’s the 179th violin he made. I bought this violin last year. It took me a year and a half of looking to find it. I looked at lots of violins around Boston and had violins sent to me to try out. His [my violin’s] name is Oscar.

How would you describe the violin’s sound?

It has a rich, deep low end, and a sweet and clear upper register.


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