For over five years now, V.I.P. Charter buses have been shuttling students between Portland and Gorham. This year, the volume of students far exceeded the carrying capacity of the shuttle buses.

Students and faculty have been late for and sometimes missed classes altogether. The situation has caused frustration among the student body and prompted officials to encourage students to car pool.

The transportation fee covers the cost of running the shuttle buses, which all students must pay. For full time students the fee is 90 dollars a semester and students taking nine to eleven credits pay 65 dollars a semester.

Sarah Anderson, a third year English major, is an example of the students inconvenienced by the shuttle bus crisis. She has missed a few of her classes and now plans ahead by catching the bus two to three hours in advance. Instead of planning around her class schedule, Anderson says she has been planning her days around the best times to snag a seat.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are the busiest days for classes. On those days, the busses feel the biggest crunch. The Senate demanded another bus be added to the runs during the peak hours of use to alleviate the crisis.

Student Senator and Board of Student Organizations Vice-Chair Caroline Young feels the problem stems from a systemic lack of planning on the University’s part. Young resides on the Gorham campus and has experienced similar situations in years past, but she says nothing compared to this year’s problem.

“There was an outcry like I’ve never heard before,” said Young.

Parking and bus complaints should be directed to Dewey Ferguson. Ferguson can be found in the Portland parking garage on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. On those days he can also be reached at 780-4458. On Tuesdays and Thursdays he is at the Gorham parking office and can be reached at 780-5212.


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