Name: Leah Jutras

Age: 19

Year: Freshman

Major: Nursing

What high school did you graduate from?

Oxford Hills High School in Norway, Maine.

What was your reason for coming to USM?

Because it’s close to home, but not too close. And it has a lacrosse team.

Where are you currently living?

In the dorms in Gorham. It’s a forced triple. There are always people over and it’s very busy. Sometimes I have to leave to do my homework, but I have awesome roommates.

Why did you choose nursing?

I obtained my CNA liscense when I was in tenth grade though a technical school in Oxford Hills. I did two 75-hour internships in eleventh grade in the intensive care and pediatrics unit.

What do you want to do when you finish school?

I originally thought I wanted to work in the ICU or pediatrics, but now I want to be a traveling nurse.

How many credits are you taking this semester?

15, plus I work 24-30 hours a week.

Where do you work?

Monday through Thursday I work for Accent Health Care agency in the Portland/Biddeford area as a CAN. Then on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I go home and work at Norway Rehab, which is a long term nursing home for patients with psychological problems, demensia, alxhiemer, ect. I also work for the state taking care of a man with Lou Gehrig’s disease in his Auburn home as a PCA, not a CNA. I also worked as a CNA all summer to help pay for school.


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