Molly Bean






Social Work

Did you grow up in Maine?

Yea, I grew up in the Oxford Hills area.

What was your reason for coming to USM?

I went to Farmington for two years as a history major and it didn’t feel right, so I came here for the social work program. And for the atmosphere too. I’ve been a rural Maine girl my whole life, so I wanted to be in a city.

So are you planning on graduating this year?

Sort of. I’m getting all of my courses out of the way and doing my field work next year.

What do you mean by field work?

It’s part of the social work program. I’m placed in an agency where I do 25-30 hours a week and take two classes that go along with the fieldwork. So if I were to take a full course load it would be too much.

What got you into social work?

I love people and I volunteered at Camp Sunshine and working with terminally ill children for weeks at a time wasn’t enough, so now I want to do it my whole life.

Is that what you’re going to focus on?

Yea, I’m going to counsel terminally ill children and their families.

What do you love so much about working with the kids?

They’re so beautiful and so strong. And so optimistic about their prognosis.

What age group does this include?

Anywhere from infancy to teens.

What else do you do?

I love to run and hang out with my two fabulous roommates. I waitress on the weekends.

Do you mean long distance running or…?

A couple miles. It’s good frustration relief and clears my mind.


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