Name: Steve Atwood

Age: 23

Major: Physics

Where are you from? East Wilton, Maine

What brought you to the area? Why did you choose USM?

The price of the school. It was a lot cheaper than other schools I was looking at. I went to a few other colleges before I came here.

Were you looking at them or actually attending them?

No, I attended them. I transferred here with 60 credits.

Which ones?


What would you do to make life better for the USM student?

I’d improve some of the food, particularly in Gorham.

Do you live on the Gorham Campus?


What’s it like to live there?

It’s pretty fun. I was living in Old Orchard Beach in a little cottage last semester, and I was a lot more isolated. Being on campus means I get to meet more people.

College: educational enrichment or four-year party?

The first three years was definitely a party, and now its starting to hit me, so it’s no longer a party. Plus, my major doesn’t really allow for much partying.

What do you plan to do after you graduate?

I’ll probably go further into acoustic engineering.

Does that have to do with music?

It could be anything from bioacoustics to building speakers. I’m not really sure.

How does your major and educational direction compare to your childhood aspirations?

Pretty similar. It’s basically what I wanted to do. I’ve been a DJ since I was 14, so I wanted to do something that’s at least music or sound related.

What kind of DJ?

Mobile. Schools, parties, weddings, whatever.

If you could say one sentence to George W., what would it be?

You’re not taking my money!

To where would you like to travel and why?

I want to see California because that’s where my whole family lives and I haven’t gotten a chance to go there.


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