Week of April 14 ~ 20, 2003

First ~ The Astrological Weather Affecting Us All:

*Sun square Mars 4/15~20 at 28 Aries/Capricorn. Fightin’ words are heard everywhere. Nobody wants to be patient. People take umbrage and offense at the drop of a hat. Physical exertion is a good way to work off the energy, but be careful!

*Full Moon 4/16 3:36 pm at 26 Libra/Aries. Could be a cranky one. If you find yourself frustrated in what you are trying to do, backup a bit. You can do more if you are disciplined. Otherwise you’ll end up just making a mess. If some one/thing isn’t working, make a clean break now!

* Mercury trine Chiron 4/17~20 at 18 Taurus/Capricorn. If you work out your frustrations in a positive manner, you have the opportunity to achieve some real honest communication. Not just with another, but listen to what comes from within as well. The point is that you can cure what ails you if you simply speak your heart and mind.

* Venus sextile Mars 4/19~22 at 29 Pisces/Capricorn. Oh, these can be good times! If you are in healthy relationship, you should plan on a romantic weekend, and uh, maybe a bit late on Monday morning! Singles: if opportunity knocks, open the door!

4/20 Sun enters Taurus!

And Now, For your Sign this Week…

Aries (3/20~4/20): However you do it, physical exertion will help keep you sane. Get to the gym, work/play outdoors, have mutually satisfying relations with a willing and eager him/her. If you don’t work it out in a positive way, the fists (literal and figural) may fly.

Taurus (4/20~5/21): Bit of a roller coaster this week. Early week, desire to par-tay to excess. Mid week, a sense of duty or even melancholy. Followed closely late week by a perhaps overly romantic view of things. And the weekend? Enjoy what you can while you can!

Gemini (5/21~6/21): After a foggy-brained Monday, the week evens out for you. Late week, listen, listen listen! Have a heart-to-heart with him/her. Receive what they say. But also, please listen to what you are saying. It could be very revealing/healing.

Cancer (6/21~7/22): If you’ve been experiencing a vague sense of fear of the unknown, you’d probably benefit from an exploration into those fears. A genuine inquiry into the dark recesses will give you the straight skinny. Then you can proceed, knowing which are real dangers and which are imaginary fears.

Leo (7/22~8/23): Clashes with co-workers? Oppugnant outbursts? Listen Leo, you’ve got to take care of your health. Direct your anger towards positive pursuits. Stifling yourself won’t work and is genuinely dangerous to your well-being. Injuries to head or heart.

Virgo (8/23~9/23): F-l-e-x! We know you have high standards. We also know that you are human. You need to remember that a weed is as perfect as a rose! Love someone for who they are, not what you’d like them (or you!) to be.

Libra (9/23~10/23): You’ll likely be all over the map in your relationships this week. At turns over-indulgent, isolated, confused or energized. For someone who likes balance, it may be a tough week. If you can hang with the uncertainty, the weekend could be really great!

Scorpio (10/23~11/22): Anger management? You? You betcha! Chinese 5 Element Theory attaches anger to Spring. Why? Because it is anger that forces the new shoots up though the cold cold ground. Direct, not deny, your anger and use it to fuel growth and rebirth!

Sagittarius (11/22~12/21): You can celebrate an escape from Saturn, but you’d probably overdo it. Make plans to either travel abroad this summer or study abroad this fall. Reassess your educational goals to see if they are still relevant.

Capricorn (12/21~1/20): Get it done early week! It gets no easier to do the hard stuff, so buckle down and keep your nose to the grindstone. You’ll be so glad you did it now. Midweek can feel a little lonely, but it’ll pass. Don’t take life too seriously!

Aquarius (1/20~2/18): Use your energy to clean out the closets in your home and in your mind. Next week starts a new 2-year Mars cycle for you. It is better to start it off clean rather than encumbered by old junk. Get rid of any one/thing that’s no longer serving you.

Pisces (2/18~3/20): Pay attention to financial matters this week. Skip the shopping trip and leave the charge cards tucked away. No matter how good it looks, it isn’t as good as you think. Make good investments (not purchases). Watch for conflicting ideals and values.

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