Week of January 20 ~ 26, 2003

First ~ The Astrological Weather Affecting Us All:

1/20 Sun enters Aquarius. It is an air or mental sign and is the middle or fixed portion of winter. Fixed Ideas. Aquarius needs its independence. But what it often forgets is that it needs an “other” to be independent from. It is the most humanitarian/humanistic sign, adamant in its belief in self-determination. It likes its some new ideas, but hates “new” ideas that conflict with its own.

*Mercury conjunct Chiron 1/20~28 at 13 Cap. Open mouth, insert foot? Perhaps. Tough time for intellectual challenges – tests, formulating important documents, etc. Memories of previous mis-steps. Follow your intuition and be prepared to change some old ideas about yourself.

*Mercury semisquare Uranus 1/21~26 at 12 Cap/27 Aq. Mental tension! Tendency to mental rigidity – just what you don’t need. Communication interuptus!

Mercury turns Direct 1/22. Mercury slows, stops, and slowly starts direct motion again at 13 Cap. It’s like letting the car roll backwards down a hill then popping the clutch. You get smoke and squealing tires and not much real forward motion for a while. Therefore, don’t try to do too much for a few days. Be glad that anything works out!

*Sun semisquare Pluto, sextile Mars; Venus conjunct Pluto 1/23~28 This is a potent stew of energies. Power and its acolytes, money & sex, come up big. Some will use this as transformative energy, thereby making breakthroughs. Others may experience a breakdown – which opens the door to transformation. There is a chance to attain unimagined emotional depth & spiritual height through sex, but only if you are both strong, loving, and in integrity. “You must burn away your fears with the fires of an open heart.” ~ J.T. Nichols

*Jupiter quincunx Chiron 1/25~2/3 at 14 Leo /Cap. Occasionally, one gets smacked in the face with the realization that one’s goals no longer have relevance. It may feel like failure. But letting go of an outdated goal makes room for a new; more appropriate one.

And Now, For your Sign this Week…

Aquarius (1/20~2/18): Yes, there is a frustrating gap between your ideals and reality. But you must deal with the world as it is, not how you’d like it to be. This week, try to relax a bit. Stay in integrity, but don’t take things quite so seriously.

Pisces (2/18~3/20): This month there is a tendency towards escapism – drugs, alcohol, sleep, TV, sex, work – what have you. And it is particularly alluring early week. Self-deception is a concern. You want to see what you want to see. Stay grounded.

Aries (3/20~4/20): Make plans for your future! If you don’t have a dream, how’re you going to have your dream come true? You hopefully have learned some new things about yourself over the past year. What would you explore now?

Taurus (4/20~5/21): Early week, take advantage of opportunity to enjoy art and beauty where ever you may find it. Here is the peace you crave. But late week, aiyee! No sleepy dreams of bucolic bliss. Intense situations make you a-wake, a-ware, and a-live!

Gemini (5/21~6/21): Even though you’re feeling edgy and/or strung out, check in with some new ideas as to what is truth. One-on-one interactions can bring new understanding and fresh perspective, but only if you don’t run away from the experience.

Cancer (6/21~7/22): Work and health issues are on the docket. One affects the other. You need to maintain “healthy” relations with co-workers, bosses and employees. You also need to “work” to maintain good health. The work place is no place for an affair.

Leo (7/22~8/23): Spotlight on your one-on-one relationships – business and pleasure. You want the attention, but perhaps you feel it infringes on your freedom. Spectacular performances, hi-risk/hi return gambles, transformational experiences with children or lovers.

Virgo (8/23~9/23): Yes. The world is full of “flaws”. You are of the world and “flawed” too. You must come to understand that there is a higher perspective. And from that place, the world – and you – are perfect. Weekend: chance to know heaven on earth, if you can stand it.

Libra (9/23~10/23): In the sweet early week, share your dreams and visions with friends and neighbors. Weekend: intense experience can fill you with the awe of knowing the deep joy and pain of love and beauty. The truth is perhaps not what you thought.

Scorpio (10/23~11/22): Time to kick butt! Your own that is. You need to venture forth to see of what you are made. Your connection to issues of home and family can show you your weaknesses and strengths. Disregard opportunity at risk of regret.

Sagittarius (11/22~12/21): Go check out the “neighborhood”. Not just literally, but metaphorically as well. Network with others. Learn something and pass it on. Be prepared to have your cover blown, as an intense experience brings out the truth of you.

Capricorn (12/21~1/20): Consolidate what you’ve experienced this past month. Incorporate your changes into your new routine. Intense experiences can lead to a deep connection with spirit, or land you in jail or hospital. Avoid the latter by being in elegant integrity.

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