Week of December 9 ~ 15, 2002

First ~ The Astrological Weather Affecting Us All:

*Sun trine Jupiter 12/9~ 11 at 18 Sag/Leo. This is usually a feel good transit, optimistic and all. But there is a good chance that religious saber rattling may go on. Pray for Peace.

All week, 12/11~19, Mars chases Venus through Scorpio and “run the gauntlet”. In quick succession, they quincunx North Node, sextile Chiron, square Neptune, and sesqui-square Saturn. It’s like walking through a room at night and bumping into the furniture. Ooph! You might expect therefore, that things in the romance department may get a little whip-sawed. Patience and grace will help you and yours through the storm.

*Sun semisquare Mars 12/14~19 at 25 Sag/ 10 Scorp. Fiery spirit is at odds with strong emotion, and both see compromise as backing down. This can mean that to achieve, you must stick to your ideal, or that you must find an alternative path to your ideal. In choosing, reference your intuition.

And Now, For your Sign this Week…

Sagittarius (11/22~12/21): Everyone wears a mask, and you’re no exception. Only now, whatever you feel you’ve needed to hide gets exposed for others to see, and if you’re lucky, you get to see it too. Because what you thought you had to hide, you no longer need to. It’s not a liability; it’s an asset! Who knew?

Capricorn (12/21~1/20): Your hopes dreams & wishes may threaten your sense of security. As you grow, you outgrow the old boundaries. Which can make you feel a little insecure or unsure. If your path seems foggy, just be patient and hang out with uncertainty. That’s how to work the magic of creativity.

Aquarius (1/20~2/18): You may learn that you have a reputation that you didn’t know you had. Surprising info may cause you to wonder just who people are seeing when they “see” you. This can be confusing, but it is probably best to simply do what you need to do, without apologies.

Pisces (2/18~3/20): When the surface waters get stormy, you may desire to escape to the quieter depths. Escapist tools of choice are drugs, alcohol, work, and relationship. Instead of “escaping from”, what would happen if you went to the depths in order to find a deeper truth?

Aries (3/20~4/20): Friends, roommates, neighbors, siblings all telling you your desires are “wrong”? Thinking, “Hell, they may be right.”? If you’re all tied up in knots, wild struggling only makes it worse. Despite your inclination for action, the best thing is to lighten up and relax. Can you not-do?

Taurus (4/20~5/21): Somehow you may get caught up with forces beyond your control. Insurances, banks, inheritances, or any old large corporation may pull the rug from under you or come across with some cash. In any case, beware with whom you associate. They may not have your best interests at heart.

Gemini (5/21~6/21): Any questions of health, especially sexual health, get a checkup pronto. If it comes back positive, get a second opinion. Mistakes do get made. This month: deal with the details of loans, wills, insurances and the like. Late week: write those papers! You can concentrate and write real purty too!

Cancer (6/21~7/22): Lady Godiva rode naked through the streets of Coventry. Why? So her husband would reduce the heavy taxation he’d imposed on the town. Sometimes breaking the rules is the right thing to do. Confusion with your lover? Enjoy what you can while you can, but refrain from commitments.

Leo (7/22~8/23): What are your conceptions about royalty? How should a ruler act? You should know how you feel about such things as this week you are on center stage. Rulership isn’t bad – everyone makes her/his own choices – and now you come into your own. How about a party to celebrate?

Virgo (8/23~9/23): Practical considerations may call for you to swallow your wounded pride and get on with the demands of your work. Focusing on your career can be frustrating – issues keep changing! But hang in there. A love affair with a neighbor may not be such a hot idea, even tho’ it looks mighty appealing.

Libra (9/23~10/23): Having the best (or worst) time in the romance dept? It’s probably not as great/bad as you think. So don’t take any drastic action this week. That doesn’t mean that a shared mystical experience now is invalid. You just don’t want to make long range plans based on it.

Scorpio (10/23~11/22): Look at any promotion or advancement opportunity very closely before accepting it. Somebody could be setting you up, or it could be beyond your abilities. In any case, negotiate an out for yourself in advance in case things don’t pan out as promised. Be fiscally responsible.

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