Paul Hodges





What was the first thing that came to your mind as I introduced myself?

I thought you were probably doing ballots for voting.

What do you want to do with your degree?

I own my own business so I want to be able to have a better handle on

things I’ve been paying others to do, such as the accounting and taxes at

the end of the year.

Where are you from?


Why are you here at USM?

Well my wife graduated from USM a few years ago, so I guess that was the

first choice and the business school in particular has a very good

reputation as being a top notch school. So when I decided to return to

school that was my first choice.

What is your favorite thing about classes?

I guess just getting back in the whole routine of being in school and

learning and having an advantage to interact with people you probably would

not normally interact with. The most enjoyable part for me is just getting

back to school and just finally saying “Okay, I’m doing it now”, instead of

saying “Well I’ll do it in another year or another two years, or whatever”.

What is your worst thing about classes?

I guess the discipline of having to actually be required to do something,

and answer to somebody.

Do you have any roommates?

Well, I’m married, so I guess that kind of answers that one.

Are you a night owl or early bird?

Definitely a night owl, I have a hard time getting up in the morning.

What do you do for fun?

Jeez, golf probably is my major passion, water-ski, snowmobile, four wheel-

outdoors mostly.

What’s the worst dating experience you’ve ever had?

No comment.

What is your favorite spot at USM?

Probably right here when the fountain’s going I guess (at the Kenneth

Brooks Student Center), this is my first year so when it was really nice

out, it was nice to stand here and kinda soak in the sun while waiting for

my wife to pick me up.

Are you in any clubs, sports, or activities at USM?


If you could start a club at USM what would it be?

An ATV club.

What would make this school even better?

It’s kind of a mundane answer but the parking is an extremely difficult

issue which I think would be able to be solved without too much problem if

we really put some work into it.

Any advice for USM students?

No, I’m not in a position to give advice, I’m still learning as I go, I

guess maybe to enjoy this time and not just look at it as something to get


What was the hardest thing about this interview?

Coming up with on the spot answers that are going to make you sound

somewhat intelligent.


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