The men’s and women’s Husky soccer teams returned to the 2002 fall season with a large number of freshmen leading the way. The eight men and ten ladies entering their first year should expect more responsibility on their team.

Women’s head coach Steve Quinones said the freshmen have adapted well and seem to show great potential for the upcoming season. He says that the new players will be a key aspect in the success of the season. How they adapt to the pressure of a higher level of play will be crucial to the team.

Quinones expects to possibly get a few goal scorers from the new crew, with plenty of solid teamwork.

Team captain Jamyn Mooney said one of the most noticeable differences from this year to last is the team camaraderie.

The athletes “seemed to gel as a team this year more than we ever have,” said Mooney.

Hard work during preseason coupled with positive attitudes are expected to benefit the team greatly. One reason for this optimism is a recent trip to Europe taken by the team upperclassmen. The Lady Huskies played European teams while abroad, elevating their level of play and increasing team chemistry as a whole. Taking this experience into a new season, the women look to improve upon a 7-9 record from last year.

The men’s soccer team shares similar enthusiasm for the new season. Assistant coach Alan Curtis said he sees a very positive outlook for his team. With eight new faces sporting USM jerseys, freshmen should expect to play a big role for the men.

Curtis says that “they’re all good athletes, it’s just a matter of retooling the way they think so it fits with what we’re trying to do.”

Curtis also sees a big improvement from a year ago in the sense that the team seems to have a “whole new thought process.” This thought process enables the men to see and anticipate better as opposed to reacting to situations presented to them.

In order to have a successful season, Curtis said, “They have to be able to play as one.” As well as unity, the men look to play a strong offensive game in order to blow away their 3-16-1 record from last year.


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